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Executive Coaching in India

Executive Coaching in INDIA What makes Organizations gain a competitive advantage. Executive Coaching and leadership development is the Ultimate answer. Executive Coaching in India is booming as more and more organizations want to invest in people’s development and also employees and senior executives are constantly looking for more meaning at work. Executive Coaching in India […]

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Mastery in Public Speaking

Do you want to be a Public Speaker? Mastery in Public Speaking Whether you are a Trainer or a Coach, you also have to be a Public Speaker and you might instantly agree to it. But are we all always born with the best communication skills? Do we all know how to keep our audience […]

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5 Reasons why Leadership Development is Important in Personal life

5 Reasons why Leadership Development is Important in Personal Life Leadership development is not just something that rotates round the corporate tables looking for the next new flag bearer. Leadership in fact, is such a concept that is applicable to all phases and areas of life, society and professions. Development of leadership in our personal […]

My tete-a-tete with Kaushik Mahapatra on Leadership

My tete-a-tete with Kaushik Mahapatra on Leadership and Leadership coaching – Joyner Sadhu Questionnaire – Q #1 How do you define leadership? A) Leadership is a commitment to achieve something new and something which is unrealistic to other people. It’s about continuously improving yourself and people around you. The definition of leadership has nothing to do […]

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Leadership Begins at home

Leadership indeed begins at home. You would not even realize that your children, your spouse, your parents and your relatives are watching every move of yours. They are constantly learning or want to learn from you, especially your children. If you are his/her’s elder brother or sister, your siblings are also constantly watching you and […]

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Embrace Your Needs

The universe has intertwined our basic instinctive (animal instincts) and motivational needs (personal and social well being needs) just well enough so that we’re not able to get rid of any of them exclusively. They are all associated with each other in some or the other way. For example, the need to feel associated with […]

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NLP Techniques

How would you feel if you could get into the state of happiness and motivation whenever you chose to. And the best part is, it would take you less than two minutes to use the tool. Wouldn’t it be a life changer. The tool is called NLP. In the next few lines you are going […]

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Instant Rapport Building

The Key to Instant Rapport Building I think the power of persuasion will be the greatest superpower of all – Jenny Mollen (actress, author) Face it!! We all at some point in our daily life desperately wish we could control someone’s mind and make them do what we wanted. Sounds unreasonable, doesn’t it? Well, what […]

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The Leader in me

I know what you are thinking. Another article about “how to be a leader”? You will once again, take a trip down to the memory lane to remind yourself all the reasons why you can’t be one. Maybe you consider it too late. Or you are just too old, too tired or just comfortable in […]