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Why NLP?

NLP provides a set of behavioral patterns, ideas and techniques (like visualization and anchoring) that helps in personal strengthening and removing barriers to performance.
NLP@Work is an outcome of research and applications of NLP in the workplace, which has helped various organizations function with ease. The program has proven transformational on various pain points of organizations such as:

  1. Lack of self-motivation
  2. Lack of direction
  3. Lack of novelty
  4. Low productivity

By studying these problem-areas, we aim to use NLP in order to create desired programs and patterns of behaviours by altering the neuropathways and linguistics. The result is heightened performance, improved productivity and better work relations.

Benefits of NLP@Work

Our program ‘NLP@Work’ offers unique benefits for organizations through our innovative strategies:
Indian leadership academy

Motivation Patterns

It helps you understand motivation patterns of employees to allocate suitable tasks. Is motivation resulting from the aim or from the hurdles, and how this trait can be utilised.

Indian leadership academy

Work Style

Understand work styles of colleagues and superiors: Do employees prefer to work alone, partially in collaboration with others or as a team member? And using this diversity for maximum productivity.

Indian leadership academy

Mind Set

Understanding mind set of others: Learning better communication strategies using NLP techniques and creating a win-win situation for the organization and its employees

Indian leadership academy


Develop empathy for better working relationships: Develop rapport using fool-proof NLP techniques and be a great person to work with.

Indian leadership academy

Your Burnout

Work out your burnout using NLP: Identifying if your work is your role or identity, and how it affects performance under pressure. Maintaining work-life balance by deeper understanding of priorities and using time efficiently.

This is what our happy clients say

“Extremely satisfied with the leadership NLP program which was conducted for all my managers in my unit. The situational leadership techniques and real life examples are proving to be very useful in our day to day work.”
- Service Delivery Head of a Fortune 500 company

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