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Coaching is an individually tailored practice in talent development that involves an in-depth and confidential relationship between the coach and the coachee.

Coaching can help strengthen you as a leader, uncover blind spots, and change behaviors that can directly impact business results. A coach helps you take this vision and manifest it into reality.


Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a Coach and an Executive, or an Executive Team, and a deliberate, personalized process to provide an executive with valid information, free and informed choices based on that information, and internal commitment to those choices. The term has been borrowed from sports and the performing arts, where this role is quite traditional.

Executive coaching is assisting top executives, managers, and other identified leaders to perform, learn, stay healthy and balanced, and effectively guide their teams to successfully reach desired goals and exceed individual and corporate expectations.

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development.

Executive coaching tends to be focused on helping senior leaders within an organization to enhance their leadership and private performance. Executive coaching can enable the chief to possess a “thinking space” and a sounding board to think through issues and generate new ideas.

The corporate world is actually hectic and for those in an executive position, they need to be “on” all the time.  An executive coach can help these people get the foremost out of themselves and their team. They will help them get a far better work-life balance and to function at optimal levels all the time.


Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a Coach and an Executive, or a team of it, a deliberate, personalized process to provide valid information. It tends to be focused on helping leaders within an organization to enhance their overall performance, enabling any leader to possess a “thinking space” and a sounding board to rethink and generate new ideas. The most important features of executive coaching are a customized approach, accelerated learning, and a goal-oriented and problem-solving approach.

Executive Coach – A 360° Perspective


  • Executive coaching is an integral tool in creating powerful leaders and leadership teams within an organization.

  • Executive coaching helps in increased self-awareness, better self-regulation, Greater empathy, and emotional intelligence.

  • Executive coaching creates the perfect feedback loop whereby valuable opinions and feedback can help to seek continual improvements.

  • Executive coaching helps in improving overall development tailoring it to be suitable for both an employee, individual, or an organization.

  • Executive coaching promotes flexible thinking, higher levels of motivation and more effective leadership.

  • Executive coaching has the potential to get measurable results that can lead to organizational shifts.

  • Executive coaching helps in improved productivity, enhancing decision-making skills, and turning a good leader into a great leader.


Indian Leadership Academy’s tailor-made Executive Coaching program helps organizations and individuals in achieving their goals and enhancing productivity. Executive Coaching Program enables the participants with the right skills which would equip them to make drive change, make productive decisions, and as well as inspire their team members. ILA’s Executive Coaching Program is tailor-made for senior managers and C- Level executives to develop themselves and lead their team effectively.

With the Next-Gen Models and Techniques, Indian Leadership Academy provides a highly effective solution to all critical problems and issues faced by the higher management of organizations. Many organizations nowadays invest a lot in executive coaching for their newly-promoted senior manager, CEOs, CXOs, etc. The guidance provided by experienced executive coaches can quickly develop skills in coaches which are essential for leading and taking forward the company’s vision and mission.


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Whom can we coach?

Our Panel of Executive Coaches

Indian Leadership Academy

Kaushik Mahapatra

Kaushik Mahapatra is India’s – Top 10 Corporate Trainer and Coach, Top-Selling Author, Leadership expert, Renowned Mindfulness & NLP Guru and an Emotional Health Educator in Asia. He has been mentored by the World’s Best Coaches – John Mattone (World’s No.1 Executive Coach & Steve Jobs Coach) and Tony Robbins (World’s No. 1 Best Speaker and Motivator). He is an IIM alumnus with 23 years of experience in Training & Coaching, IT and Sales. He has worked in India, US, UK and Australia in various senior management roles with corporate giants like GE and HP. He is an International Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach and Neuroscience/NLP Trainer. He is Founder of Indian Leadership Academy which pioneers in creating Indian leaders for global audience. Kaushik is also the Proud recipient of the Philipe Award for Community Leadership.

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Dr. Snehasish Dutta

Dr. Snehasish Dutta is an International Trainer and an Executive Coach. He is also a certified Business and Leadership Coach. He excels on Coaching Mid to Senior Management Leadership in Managerial Skills, Leadership Grooming, Goal Planning, Performance Planning, Career Planning, Sales / Revenue Development. He has been associated with Tata Leadership Academy and Tata Management Training Centre. He has trained and coached Managers, Individuals across levels and domains and have worked with various corporate last 21 years like Tata Motors Ltd, L&T-ECC, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Piaggio Vehicles Ltd and has Coached more than 500 Managers at various levels. He is also certified as a DISC – Assessor, 6- Sigma, NLP for Coaching, Soft Skills Training as been his key deliverables. He is trained at Tata Academy, Mercuri Goldman, ISB-Society, ASCB, TMTC, GAAFS- USA, IMC, NLP- European Society, ILA. He has graduated with Physics and done his MBA and PhD in Business Studies.

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Koushik Chatterjee

Mr. Koushik Chatterjee is a certified Executive and Career Coach. He coaches professionals and enterprise leaders to identify their greatest impact areas, manage time with sharp focus, take massive actions, and unleash potential to achieve big goals. Top impact areas that he specializes are achieving extreme productivity, leading masterful conversations and leadership development. He has delivered 2,000+ hours of professional training & coaching services over the last 5 years. His 21 years of corporate work, 1 in a start-up and 8 years of entrepreneurship enriches him with the understanding of key competencies that can make clients succeed at work and life. Koushik is certified on the 7 Habits program and attended workshops on Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking, Insight Selling and Extreme Productivity. While heading businesses in HCL, he led P&L responsibilities for large and complex teams, and supported organizational training & coaching programs. Koushik is a B. E. (Electronics & Telecom) and MBA (Marketing) by training and also have undertaken a doctoral foundational course on Research

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Mr. Raveendran

Mr. Raveendran is a Trainer and Executive Coach with more than 30 years in Corporate in Customer Service, Sales Operations, Project management and has trained more than 700 people as part of his People Management Skills. He loves Coaching on Career Transitions, Progressions, Performance Management, Job Rotations, Workplace Adaptability, Ambiguity Management, New Manager Coaching and Service Mindset. He is a Speaker at National & International Conferences on varied topics. Established the 1st International Centre for Advancement of Rural Eye Care, in Andhra Pradesh. Set up 4 affiliate and satellite rural eye care facilities, handling concept-to-commission.

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Dr. Vijay Sarthi

Dedicated leader with over 40 years of amalgamation of Public and Private sector experiential learning, offering a track record of proven results using operational and leadership strengths to solve specific and measurable needs for complex organizations through L&D and engagement of associates. Doctorate in Learning and Development, and now pursuing Post-Doctoral studies from Mysore University, MBA (HR), MA, M.COM with diverse academic interventions to gain conceptual expertise in International Law, International Institutions, Public/Industrial Relations, Transport Management, HR and L& D domain. He excels as L&D Head and Coach Executives

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Anit Kumar Sahu

Mr. Anit is a certified Coach with over 16 years of experience of Industrial exposure in SAP & Non-SAP Consulting in Retail, Manufacturing, and Pharma, Beverages & Utilities and Oil trading domains. He excels in Life Coaching, Business Ideas, Strategies & Planning, Life Skills and Art of perseverance and Diligence, Crisis Management- Life & Finance, Survival Tactics- Business. He also loves to Nurturing young minds and Mold them be able to handle unpredictable future.
He is empathetic and good at building relation, makes Coaching very interactive, and reflects on arriving at Coachee own solutions. He ensures development of Coachees own critical feedbacks and assessments for results.

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Mudit Saxena

Mr. Mudit has a diversified experience of having worked in 5 countries over the last 3 decades heading Retail banks over the last 3 decades. As an Executive coach I have worked with Corporate leaders and Entrepreneurs to achieve results in all areas of their life. Developing a Vision & strategy, performance coaching, succession planning, career transition, finding purpose, developing Self-awareness and living a meaningful balanced life (financial, health, family and relationships). He also coaches on Fintech and Start-ups to deliver an optimal value proposition. He loves coaching on Building Vision and Strategy, Performance Coaching , living and meaningful balanced life, Self-Awareness , Finding Purpose. He is certified from International Management certifications (IMC), GAAF (Global Accreditation Assessment Forum), Skill Central UK, ISO, Indian Leadership Academy.

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