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What is COACHING ?

Coaching is an individually tailored practice in talent development that involves an in-depth and confidential relationship between the coach and the coache.
Coaching can help strengthen you as a leader, uncover blind spots, and change behaviors that can directly impact business results. A coach helps you take this vision and manifest it into reality.


Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a Coach and an Executive, or an Executive Team, and a deliberate, personalized process to provide an executive with valid information, free and informed choices based on that information, and internal commitment to those choices. The term has been borrowed from sports and the performing arts, where this role is quite traditional.

Executive coaching is assisting top executives, managers, and other identified leaders to perform, learn, stay healthy and balanced, and effectively guide their teams to successfully reach desired goals and exceed individual and corporate expectations.

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development.
Executive coaching tends to be focused on helping senior leaders within an organization to enhance their leadership and private performance. Executive coaching can enable the chief to possess a “thinking space” and a sounding board to think through issues and generate new ideas.
The corporate world is hectic and for those in an Executive position, there is a constant need to be “ready for action and demands” all the time. An executive coach can help these individuals get the best out of themselves and their team. They will help them get a far better work-life balance and to function at optimal levels all the time.
- Indian Leadership Academy


Executive coaching tends to be focused on Enabling Leaders within an organization to enhance their overall performance, enabling any leader to possess a “thinking space” and a sounding board to rethink and generate new ideas. The most important features of executive coaching are a customized approach, accelerated learning, and a goal-oriented and problem-solving approachc


To develop the leadership skills of high-potential individuals, such that it enables newly promoted managers to achieve success.c


Also, develop management and leadership skills among technical people within an organization


To address behavioral problems at the management level. To help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees.

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