Indian Leadership Academy

Social Initiatives

Joy of Giving - Community Service Programs

Leaders need power and Power comes to those who are ready to contribute.
People live in a diverse world characterized by great pressures and responsibilities, changing technology, and challenges in the job market. For any society to succeed we need to empower them to develop their talents and capabilities to become agents of change. Our way to prepare them for this is to teach them leadership skills and the best way to get them started is to develop on their community leadership skills. The best part about community leadership is there is a purpose and the benefits are directly helpful for the society and that’s why many people want to be a part of community service.

60 + : India's first play school for senior citizens.

People above 60 have the most amount of wisdom and we must support them by exposing them to digital and social media usage skills so that they can share their wisdom digitally. Not just Digital skills but they are lots of other topics which they can learn in a fun-filled way even at that age.

60+: India’s first play school for senior citizens is a platform to make sure senior citizens meet learn and also have fun while learning.

There are several key topics covered, including How to Teach and Train, Coaching skills, Digital media usage, Smart Phone usage, Nutrition tips, Staying emotionally fit, Bridging the generation gap with youths, as well as how to obtain pro bono or part-time projects in their fields of expertise.

Leadership Development for Youth

This workshop is meant for the students (Age group – 9 to 17 years). The idea is to inculcate creative thinking, Innovation, entrepreneurship mindset, decision making, effective communication skills and many more.

Children are exposed to leadership skills, Leadership style and attributes, value education, presentation skills in a more fun filled environment (With Lots of games and fun filled activities).

How does it help:

  • Overcome stage fear and stand out from the crowd.
  • Build a positive Attitude towards failure.
  • Better academic results.
  • Overall Leadership development.

NLP for Teachers

Teaching is a profession that comes with its own share of hardships. To add on to their trouble, students are not often easy to get along with, and teachers find themselves in a very difficult position- dwindling between the students and the course requirements! To help teachers develop ease in teaching, we bring to you NLP techniques after extensive research on the topic. Indian Leadership Academy holds workshops for teachers and professors called ‘NLP for teachers’.

Leadership in the Streets of India

At Indian Leadership academy we believe that anyone can be a leader. Leadership is not limited to corporates, or the rich or well-educated people. People who have gone through hardships in their initial years of their lives can be a more resilient and passionate about leadership and its very important for us to hone these skills at an early age. Team ILA loves to spend quality time with these young leaders and support them in their Journey.