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Leadership Workshops at Indian Leadership Academy

You might feel you are not a leader. But it is not true. The fact is, each one of us is a born leader. We only need to develop strong leadership skills.  Our experiences and life lessons make us leaders. With the help of leadership workshops, we can be experts.

Indian Leadership Academy (ILA) tops the chart in leadership programs in India. We organize Leadership programs like workshops for employees, managers and executives. We also organize senior level management Leadership programs in India. Our Programs can fit both individual and organizational leadership development needs. 

Our Leadership Development programs create self motivated people. People who have an aim to lead with strong passion. We encourage people to take the stage. We support people with an attitude to lead themselves and others. Our Leadership Programs will help you to identify your Leadership style.  We will also help you to identify specific areas of improvement.  With our Leadership Programs in India you will lead the life you deserve.

Indian Leadership Academy

Most of us don’t see ourselves as leaders, whereas the fact is each one of us can develop strong leadership skills through leadership workshops, experience and the lessons life teaches us every day.

Indian Leadership Academy pioneers in leadership workshops for employees, managers, senior management and and executives. The Programs cater to both individual and organizational leadership development.

The Leadership Development programs mostly help in creating self motivated individuals who have a vision to lead from the front, have strong passion and attitude to lead themselves as well as others. The Programs help you to assess your style of leadership and provide opportunities to identify specific areas of improvement and ultimately lead the life you deserve.

Our Patented Model for Leadership Programs

Indian Leadership Academy


REASON: Why You Lead decides How Well You Lead
ASSESSMENT: Finding out your Leadership style
IDENTITY: Harness your own Uniqueness
NURTURE: Good to Great, Leadership models and upskilling
BRANDING: Branding yourself within your organization
OPPORTUNITIES: Being Opportunity Minded
WISDOM: Leading by Learning, Creating Learning Journey for Teams

Our Approach towards Leadership Programs

Along with our Patented RAINBOW Model, Our Leadership development Programs mostly follow the Ontological Approach to Leadership Development and Servant Leadership Models.

Along with our Patented RAINBOW Model, Our Leadership development Programs mostly follow the Ontological Approach to Leadership Development and Servant Leadership Models.

  • Ontological Leadership

    An Ontological Approach is all about Self Awareness as a Leader. Let's ask ourselves "Who are we?", "What are we here for?", "What's our Purpose?". According to Ontology, Leadership is a combination of the Leader's language and action & it's our Language, emotions, and body that create our world.

  • Servant Leadership

    Servant Leadership is more about serving your team and your organization. It's not based on authority but the fact that you as a Leader need to work with your team for individual and organizational growth.

Our Significant Leadership Programs

At Indian Leadership Academy our Expert Design team has handcrafted a variety of leadership development programs and interventions at all levels. You can select what suits you best. We can also work with you to co-create a Tailor-made Leadership development workshop for your organization.

Leadership Development Programs

(Building Great Leaders)

Building Great Leaders – This is one of our Signature Programs for managers and aspiring managers and is intended to build a strong leadership foundation. This helps managers to produce – “measurable results with minimum utilization of resources and also influence others to do the same”.

Indian Leadership Academy

The Leadership Development programs are mainly designed to Build Great Leaders by keeping 7 Critical Competencies for Today’s Leaders.

  • Ideation Competence

    What have you created so far as a Leader

  • Managerial Competence

    How unique are you in Managing Projects and initiatives

  • Emotional Competence

    Do you understand the emotions of your team members

  • Influencing skills

    Effective Influencing skills and persuasion

  • Building a strategic framework

    Works for superior team performance

  • Conflict resolution and effective team management

  • Care and Connect vs Command and Control.

Highlights of the Program

These programs enable participants to create a positive ecosystem where everyone can contribute to the best of their potential. It focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and equips future leaders with leadership skills for developing self-sufficient teams.

These programs enable participants to create a positive ecosystem where everyone can contribute to the best of their potential. It focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and equips future leaders with leadership skills for developing self-sufficient teams.

Neuroleadership Programs

Indian Leadership Academy


Neuroleadership is the result of neuroscience research in the field of leadership. It uses data from research to learn about the effect of leadership styles on the brain. This helps leaders change their style as per the needs of the organization. It’s about adjusting leadership to match what works best. This results in a more devoted and happy workforce.

Neuroleadership in the workplace, helps us to understand the thought process of employees. It develops and improves employee performance. Organizations nowadays are becoming more people focussed. The focus is on how we connect to people rather than simply manage them. This is where we apply neuroleadership. Neuroleadership uses a scientific approach to understanding and leading the workplace. Research in this field says that neuroleadership creates a healthy and sustainable workforce.

Benefits of Neuroleadership

Course - Details of Neuroleadership Program

Why Should You Opt For It?

  • A detailed understanding of how and why employees and leaders behave in a certain manner, and where motivation comes from. This understanding is backed by Neuroscientific Research that has been validated across years.
  • Realize what agitates people by understanding the biology behind it, and deal with situations effectively.
  • Develop ease while presenting changes in the organization, and avoid friction between HR and employees.
  • Develop an effective strategy for better communication in difficult situations.
  • Create a bond of trust and safety in the organization by understanding how the brain works.

Course Content

  • Importance of balance between cognitive and emotional dimensions in the workplace.
  • Avoidance vs approach factors.
  • Why change is perceived as threat- the biology behind it.
  • The SCARF Model- learning to deal with change.
  • Creating emotional understanding to develop positive working relationships.
  • The art of building trusting relationships
  • Default network vs control network and its applications in enhancing productivity and creativity.

Women Leadership Programs

Indian Leadership Academy

She Power

A woman as a leader defines accountability and perseverance of the highest degree. Women lead with a sense of responsibility to give their best.

As a woman Are you leading in your profession? Are you leading as a responsible citizen of the country? The list is long. But, with a little awareness and change in your habits and lifestyle you can be at the front.  You will experience a new life after this. Life is full of possibilites and new opportunities. Hence a Mindset that is Unbeatable is what will keep you going. This will even make your life more meaningful.

Lead Life Queen Size

Program Overview

Lead Life Queen Size is a Women’s Leadership workshop which enables women to develop skills for self-improvement and leadership development. Participants gain an understanding of the impact of gender equality, improve key skills, build confidence, and become aware of their unique strengths as natural leaders.

The 3 key topics which are part of the workshop are:

  • Personal Mastery through leadership skills
  • Accelerate Career development
  • Taking care of Stress and overall well being of Women to grow further in life
Indian Leadership Academy

Key Benefits

For Organization

  • Energize the Women Leaders and inspire them to achieve the Organization’s Vision
  • Enhance their spirit which leads to increased productivity
  • Helps in creating a more collaborative environment

For Participants

  • Increases confidence and clarity to excel as a Women Leader.
  • Build abilities to influence people around them.
  • Accelerate their Career growth and overall wellbeing

Mindful Leadership Workshops


It’s no doubt that leaders today face a lot of distractions.  So reacting instead of responding becomes very natural. Mindful Leadership Workshops help you to Train your mind. You become mindful about your decisions, your goals, and every action you take as a leader. All we have is 8 hours at work and we need to make the most out of it.

Workshop Highlights

Inclusive Leadership Programs


Our Chief mentor Kaushik Mahapatra says, “We like people who are like us. However the beauty is to like and work with people who are unlike us.” WE work in a very diversified Business ecosystem. It’s important that everyone feels like a part of the team. Inclusive leaders make sure that all are respected and valued. This helps us all work together in a work place. Our Inclusive Leadership programs in India help Leaders to create a sustainable environment. This is where employees understand and respect people from various cultures. Employees are eager to collaborate, work together, and aim for the team’s success.

Workshop Highlights

Leadership Retreats


If you are thinking of a Leadership Retreat, we have some amazing Retreat Programs for you. Our Leadership Programs in India, offer retreats both in off site and online modes.

Leaders need some space to think out of the box and create things around them. A retreat is a wonderful set up for them to create more ideas. In a retreat leaders can be more innovative. Teams can understand the true power of other fellow leaders or employees. Leadership Retreats are the best way to develop team bonding experiences.

Workshop Highlights

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