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Here are few books written by Indian Leadership Academy’s alumni community. These books will provide you with insight about Leadership, Self-care, Coaching and various other aspects of improving yourself and others.
As a goodwill gesture the Authors are providing you with a free e book, which you can download with the link.
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Self Love Mantra

- Arun Gupta (Author)

About the book– “Self-Love: Love Yourself Like never before The process of cultivating self-love is slow, requiring patience and commitment to create an empowering inner dialogue. You carry around with you loads of negative beliefs: ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I have issues with my looks or with my body’ and similar ones. By exposing your so called imperfections, you look for people, who speak the same language, thus reinforcing your beliefs. Imperfections make you unique and perfect. Embrace the wholeness of who you are and personify goodness by just your presence. To accept yourself, who you really are, means to embody your strengths and limitations, your shadow self. It is true recognition that you are already worthy, irrespective of your limitations. In his book I have tried to cover every aspect of self-love, where you can build yourself to be loved by you and others.

About the author-“Brig Arun Gupta has served Indian Army for over 34 years and thereafter in corporate sector for six years. Presently, he is a Life coach, Mindfulness coach, NLP Master Practitioner and a motivational speaker at national and international levels. He is affiliated to various Educational Institutes and Corporate sectors for changing the mindset of young and adult minds, to understand the purpose of life and spread awareness for living a healthy life full of love and compassion.”

Are We Leading?

- Kaushik Mahapatra (Author)

Are we Leading? is a book that will change the way you lead your life and the world around you.It is designed for those who are on the journey of personal discovery and who get a constant feeling that they are not doing enough or they are not good enough. This book will completely change the way you view your life and the world around you, as you would be in a leading mode and can take charge of your own personal and professional life no matter what phase of life you are in. It’s an easy-to-read book and recommended for anyone who would like to take some simple steps towards achieving greater success and happiness by simply getting into a leading mindset.So far, we largely associate leadership with professional adults who are in executive management roles in politics, government or business. In fact, we have always treated leadership as something which is bigger than us and beyond us. However, anyone can be a leader – both personally and professionally. It’s about doing those small things which can influence you or people around you, and it can be simply attained by consistently improvising on whatever we have been doing which finally would lead us to excellence.So, keep leading and elevate your life.

The Minibook of Mindfulness