Indian Leadership Academy

Redesign Your Life

Redesign Your Life

What should I do with my life?

How do I find my passion?

Who am I?

What should I do next?

Life is full of endless possibilities, decisions to make, and roads to travel. Somehow we are expected to make sense of it all and create a life that works for us. This is no easy task but perhaps the most important undertaking of all. Not to worry: help is on the way. During this dynamic weekend workshop, we will teach you how to apply the tools and methods of design thinking and entrepreneurship to life and work choices and transitions. 

In this session, we will help you identify your personal strengths, passions, and values to improve crucial aspects of your work, mindset, and relationships.

Course Content

  • How to apply the tools of design thinking to your own life?
  • How to debunk some of the dysfunctional beliefs about job searches and careers?
  • How to identify your personal strengths, passions, and values?
  • How to develop your unique vision of the good life?
  • How to lead yourself and avoid some of the common traps?

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, job seeker, person in transition, or confused in life.This two-day session will give you a stronger foundation to ground your choices, and provide you inspiration and tools for the path ahead.