Indian Leadership Academy



"You can't decide your Destiny, but you can surely Design"
- Brig Arun Gupta

Do you ever have times in life when you feel like there’s ‘something missing’, or that you aren’t completely passionate about the things which you invest your time into? Perhaps you feel like you want to make an impact in the world that’s far greater than what you are currently, but you just don’t know where to begin. That is because your life is designed based on what others have told you, who you are and what you suppose to do.

The only way to redesign your life and get unstuck is to break the pattern. If you want to reinvent yourself stop merely reacting to the things that happen to you. Instead, ask yourself what do you want in life, and then act on it!

We all need a wakeup call. Let your call be today

Embark on a 3 hours ‘immersion’,  where you will know all the steps that you have to take to reinvent yourself and redesign your life the way you would like to live.

This workshop is about understanding yourself and living a meaningful life. This is what you will achieve from this workshop:

  • Develop self- awareness living in the present moment.
  • Understanding your thought and emotions.
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs and energy drainers.
  • Understand and improve relationship with yourself and others.
  • Taking care of Physical, Mental and Emotional health.
  • Empowering yourself to Redesign your life giving it meaning.

Program Details: