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Family Workshop

A step to improve family life

Family workshops

Families play a pivotal role in regulating social, institutional as well as economic affairs in a neighbourhood. Today people are more inclined towards strengthening their social, financial and academic bonds, whilst compromising with their family ties.

Somewhere we all will agree deep down inside that we are not investing a satisfactory amount of time or emotion into our family. Folks, let’s remember family is the soul to all other aspects of your life.

Basic components


Self- Analyse and Self-Reflect as to where your family stands in terms of an ideal bonding and connection among the members.

Reconnect and Rebuild

Reconnect to your family, acknowledge their presence and support and realize the long the journey that you have undertaken.

Freeze the bond

Secure your new found connection and work towards strengthening it in the future.

Why should do?

Program Benefits

  • indulge in creative activities
  • Learning environment at home
  • Strengthening emotional bonds in a family
  • Fostering team unity in the family
  • Parenting requisites
  • Motivation towards Social leadership
  • Time management for family
  • Fostering acceptance, appreciation and forgiveness
  • Youth Development
  • Challenge adversities together as a family


  • Good family life ensures a balanced social and professional life
  • Recuperate your emotional health
  • New found unity and strength in family
  • Directly elevates your mental health
  • Ensures more stable and effective decision making
  • Much needed family time and interaction
  • Mandatory family time with undivided attention
  • Develops your relationship with your children

Family Workshops at Indian Leadership Academy

Family workshops by Indian Leadership Academy are a one of a kind, unique workshops in the town, solely designed by a team of experts to give you an optimum family experience. A full interactive and integrative workshop, which instils and strengthens your family bonds and values, ensures quality time with your family and gives you a chance to make up for the lost time with them. The workshop is open for families of 4 and 6. Workshops are customisable according to the participation count involved.

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The workshop is divided into two highly interactive sessions

  1. The first session is more of a learning and interacting one which has separate sections for adults and children.
  2. The second session focusses more on immersive and indulgent activities where families perform as teams to achieve goals and face challenging tasks.

Bonus Takeaways

  • One free Family session with our ICF accredited coaches
  • Time management for quality family life
  • Free access to our alumni pool
  • Lots of fun and memories
  • Happy tears of joy

Potential Participants

At ILA we believe the world to be a big harmonious family. We whole heartedly welcome all people along with their families to be a part of this workshop.

The workshop is customisable in the following parameters:

  • For families with children
  • For families without children
  • Family workshop in a corporate setting
  • Family workshop in a public setting

Though the world has become more competitive than ever, yet we must never forget that at the end of the competitive run; it doesn’t matter if you win or you lose – it’s your family you return to and they accept you. Let’s take an opportunity to appreciate all that our family does for us. Invest and improve your family life by signing up for our family workshop today! We await your initiative!

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