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–  Kaushik Mahapatra

What training programs do we offer?

We offer Trainer Certification and Master Trainer Certification programs in all major cities in India.

Trainer Certification program

Trainer Certification program at Indian Leadership Academy is a 7-day certification program that starts off with 4 days of online sessions (Webinars) followed by 3 days of face to face classroom sessions. This course provides you with complete guidance and assistance necessary to become a successful trainer. We not only provide guidance on HOW TO BECOME A TRAINER but also work along with you in your training journey. Trainer Certificationprogram model has been designed by professionals who have more than 2 decades of learning and development industry experience. This includes proven models and next-gen training techniques. Our Trainer Certification Program offers a blueprint on how to achieve success as a trainer.


After the completion of the course Trainer Certification, you will be able to:-

  1. Adapt excellent presentation skills.
  2. Develop and deliver impactful content.
  3. Create a strong online presence through personal branding.
  4. Host your own public workshops.
  5. Familiarize yourself with concepts which are currently booming in the training market like NLP, VR Training, Outbound Learning.

What next?

This is a frequently asked question. After the completion of the course, Trainer Certification Program, a lot of trainers find it quite challenging in deciding how to proceed further. We offer the next level of training after the completion of the ‘Trainer Certification Program’ which is the ‘Master Trainer Certification Program’.

Master Trainer Certification Program

The Master Trainer Program is a 4-day program and is the next level of the Trainer Certification Program. Corporate training has always been the grit test of any trainer. The fine line between a good trainer and a great trainer is MASTERY. This program has been developed by our master trainers after careful evaluation of training standards nationally and internationally.

After the completion of the Master Trainer Program you will:-

  1. Be proficient in advanced content development models.
  2. Be able to develop your own online courses.
  3. Have access to tried and tested psychological tools for efficient assessment of the audience.
  4. Be aware of the know-hows of corporate training which includes proposal writing, budget negotiation etc.
  5. Be able to successfully host your own public workshops.
  6. Mentor fellow Trainers.

Mentoring program for Trainers

Indian Leadership Academy offers a 6 months mentoring program for aspiring trainers as well as trainers who want to to elevate themselves to the next level. The mentoring programs are well structured programs where you are assigned a mentor who is a Master Trainer and has got substantial credibility as a Trainer. It is mostly a one-on-one set up where the mentor closely works with you to sharpen your training delivery, content development and sales skills. The mentorship programs are conducted throughout the year, that way people don’t have to wait for long to get started. After the mentorship Programs, Indian leadership academy provides at least one paid training opportunity so that one gets first hand experience and real time exposure in the training industry.

Tailor Made Programs For Trainers

We also offer tailor made programs for specific topics for the trainers. This is mostly for corporates. However if there is a group of individuals looking for specific topics for trainers, we can also cater to such requirements.

Our Key Highlights »

    1. LIVE EXPERIENCE IN TRAINING:- In the Trainer Certification Program we give the participants a chance to give a live training session. This will be evaluated by our master trainers and fellow participants. Appropriate feedback and guidance will be given to the participants.
    2. POST PROGRAM SUPPORT:- We all know that, ‘Learning starts outside the classrooms’. Keeping that in mind the training model incorporates guidance by the Master Trainers even after the program. Up to a month after completion of the Train the Trainer Certification Program or Master Trainer program, the candidates can book an appointment and have a one on one session with our Master Trainers for further guidance through their journey.
    3. COST-EFFECTIVENESS:- The cost of Trainer Certification Program is one of the most economically feasible programs in the market.
    4. VALUE ADDS:- After the completion of the Trainer Certification Program and the Master Trainer Program you will not only be provided with a certificate from Indian Leadership Academy but also you will be provided with a Trainer Starter kit which includes all the necessary blueprint and the templates necessary for a trainer.

We at Indian Leadership Academy believe in providing the highest quality of Trainer Certification & Master Trainer Certification Programs and are always there to guide you through your journey. We do Trainer Certification Programs in all major cities in India. Do reach out to us to talk to our trainers and be a part of our Trainer certification programs.

reasons to join our training programs

Our premium trainer certfication courses in India give you Next-Generation training techniques.

Exposes you to corporate Training - an end to end cycle from Requirement gathering to Delivery.

Exposes you to marketing and selling your training programs which is equally important.

Courses accredited to Indian Leadership Academy and Skill Central UK.

In-depth training courses conducted in varied locations.

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Corporate Executives looking for a career switch
  • Housewives
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • HR Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Motivational Speakers


Ans → (a) The main criteria for attending Trainer Certification program is proficiency in English and a clear vision of what you want to achieve as a trainer. This can be attended by freshers who have no training experience but are really passionate about training.

(b) The Master Trainer Program is the advanced training module, which is designed for people who are already trainers and for those who have some on-stage experience.

Ans → Yes, our training module is designed by experts taking into consideration both behavioral and technical trainers.

Ans → Yes, in every batch the best performing participant will be chosen as a freelance trainer for Indian Leadership Academy. This is an initiative taken by us to ensure the talent and potential in a trainer doesn’t go unnoticed.

about our mentor

Kaushik Mahapatra is one of India’s leading Leadership Trainers. He is an NLP Trainer, Corporate Speaker, Executive Coach and Team Building Expert. He has more than 22 years of corporate experience. His key areas are Foundations of Leadership, Leadership Essentials for Managers, Stress Management, Effective Presentation Skills, Design Thinking, Corporate Strategy and Outbound Learning. He was trained in NLP by one of the founders of NLP, John Grinder himself. He has conducted NLP Trainings in UK, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam as well as Leadership Coaching and Team Building training in Melbourne.

Program Details

Detailed Day wise Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction –Be a Certified Trainer Program Expectations from the participants
  • Self-assessment – Analyse your Strength & weakness as a Trainer.
  • Different training modes – Classroom training, Online training, Outbound Learning.
  • Qualities of Successful Trainer.
  • Understanding your own style.
  • Building rapport with our audience.
  • Training Need Analysis, Learning Management System.
  • Quick brainstorming – Real world challenges as a trainer.
  • How to build content Tailor made content to cater to the need of the organization.
  • Self‐ Development tools for a Trainer.

Day 2

  • Next generation Training Techniques.
  • VR based learning, Online training.
  • Art of Handling tough questions.
  • Handling pressure situations and demanding participants
  • How to handle training for mid management and Managers.
  • Popular Training programs in the Market.
  • Foundation of psychometrics.
  • Overview of DISC, MBTI.
  • Design thinking
  • Introduction to NLP

Day 3

  • Outbound learning –how to approach
  • Team Building Techniques and activity Repository
  • How to work with corporates for corporate training requirements
  • End to end process for a new assignment with corporate
  • The art of conducting successful public workshops
  • Do’s and Dont’s – public workshops
  • Create your own Brand as a trainer 
  • How to build your story as a trainer
  • Journey of a Trainer – entrepreneur
  • Certificate distribution


  • How to Build Marketing collateral for your Programs Digital Marketing techniques
  • Presentation from Each participant on a new topic ( Provided by the trainer)
  • Feedback from other participants on individual presentations Build an action plan
  • Post training assessment
  • How to provide post training support to your audience 
  • Ready to start training kit.
  • Recommended books and Material
  • Q&A to make sure expectations are met 
  • Post program support
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