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"Being Passionate is great. However we need to master the skills and start serving"

— Kaushik Mahapatra

International Trainer & Coach (ITC) Certification - Foundation program

Integrated Program for Trainers & Coaches
Indian Leadership Academy

Program Overview

International Trainer & Coach Certification – Foundation Program at Indian Leadership Academy is a 7-day certification program that starts off with 4 days of Instructor-Led – online sessions (with a duration of 2 hours) followed by 3 full days of Instructor-Led – online sessions. This course is created to build a strong foundation for training and coaching and provides aspiring trainers and coaches to complete guidance on how to get started in the training and coaching journey. We not only provide guidance on HOW TO BECOME A TRAINER/COACH but also work along with you in your training journey.

The training and Coaching Certification program model has been designed by professionals who have more than 2 decades of Corporate and learning and development industry experience. This includes proven global models and next-gen facilitation and coaching techniques. So if you are truly passionate about becoming a Trainer/Coach, this program is ideal for you to get started.

Benefits of the program

After the completion of the course,  you will be able to:-

  1. Adapt excellent presentation skills.
  2. Develop and deliver impactful content.
  3. Create a strong online presence through personal branding.
  4. Host your own public workshops.
  5. Familiarize yourself with concepts which are currently booming in the training market like NLP, Outbound Learning, Life Coaching & Executive Coaching.

What next

This is a frequently asked question. After the completion of this course (International Trainer and Coach (ITC) Certification – Foundation Program), a lot of trainers find it quite challenging in deciding how to proceed further. We offer the next level of training after the completion of the foundation course, which is the ‘International Trainer and Coach (ITC) Certification – Standard Program’ and ‘Master Trainer’ Certification Program.

International Trainer & Coach (ITC) Certification - Standard Program

Integrated Program for Trainers & Coaches

Program Overview

Welcome to India’s first Integrated Program for Training and Coaching. This is a 6 weeks structured program for aspiring Trainers and Coaches. If you want to join the Training industry both Training and Coaching are in equal demand and undoubtedly there are better opportunities if you are certified in both Training and Coaching.

During this 6 weeks program, you will be exposed to Facilitation skills for mastering the stage, Coaching skills, Global content development models, Accelerated Learning, Real-world challenges as a Trainer and a Coach.

The course is designed by India’s Nextgen Leader – Kaushik Mahapatra who is India’s one of the most successful Corporate trainers and International coaches. Kaushik Mahapatra is an IIM Alumnus and has 23 plus years of Corporate and Training experience in India, UK, Singapore, Vietnam, Dubai, Spain, Philippines, Australia. He is an Ex – GE and HP and has worked with close to 160,000 People so far in their Training and coaching Journey.

Highlights of the Program

  • India’s first Integrated program for Training and Coaching
  • International Facilitators from India, UK, Europe and Singapore.
  • Opportunities for Training/Coaching in Global market – India, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines
  • New Trends – Training and Coaching industry
  • Networking with L&D industry leaders
  • Multiple Certificate Program (5 Certificates)
  • Get yourself registered as ILA Trainer
  • Free access to Lifelong Learning (Monthly Meeting with Trainers and Coaches)

Our Value Adds

  • Live assignment after program Completion
  • 2 months Internship as a Trainer and a Coach (optional)
  • 8 Ready Modules (Soft copy) to Begin your Training Journey
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly meeting with Coaches for upgrading yourself
  • Join the community of ILA Trainers and Coaches
  • Free access to Alumni Community to expand your Network
  • Free access to East Meets West – Global networking forum for Trainers/ Coaches
  • Free ticket to International Coaching Festival
  • Be our Referral Partner for Training and Coaching programs and earn

Master Trainer Certification Program

Program Overview

The Master Trainer/Coach Program is a 4-day program and is the next level of the Trainer Certification Program once you complete the International Trainer Certification. Corporate training has always been the grit test of any trainer. The fine line between a good trainer and a great trainer is MASTERY. This program has been developed by our master trainers after careful evaluation of training standards nationally and internationally.

Benefits of the program

After the completion of the Master Trainer/Coach Program you will:-

  1. Be proficient in advanced content development models.
  2. Be able to develop your own online courses.
  3. Have access to tried and tested psychological tools for efficient assessment of the audience.
  4. Be aware of the know-hows of corporate training which includes proposal writing, budget negotiation etc.
  5. Be able to successfully host your own public workshops.
  6. Mentor fellow Trainers.

Mentoring Program

Program Overview

Mentoring program for Trainers and Coaches is a 2 month program which exposes you to a 360 perspective of development – which includes self-development, content development, developing a niche area of coaching and training and developing your personal branding and selling skills. Most importantly it’s a real time visualization in terms of what happens in the market and how can we attract more opportunities.

Benefits of the program

  1. Accelerate your Training and Coaching career
  2. Synchronize your values and long-term vision
  3. Creating your offerings and coaching tool-kit
  4. Resolve the Big why in terms of why you should you train and coach
  5. Help learn new trends from the Global L&D Industry
  6. Work together on your goals for coaching

Program Details

Duration: 2 months (8 sessions – one session per week)

Timings: 2 hours per session
Mode: Online Video session

Reasons to join our Training Programs

Get exposed to Next-Generation training techniques and International Standards.

Exposes you to Corporate Training - end to end cycle from Requirement gathering to Delivery.

Exposes you to marketing and selling your training programs which is equally important.

Courses accredited to ICF (International Coach Federation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), Indian Leadership Academy and Skill Central UK.

In-depth training courses conducted in Intrenational locations and major cities in India.

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Corporate Executives looking for a career switch
  • Homemakers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • HR Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Motivational Speakers

Courses designed by

Indian Leadership Academy


Kaushik Mahapatra is one of the most Dynamic Life and Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Renowned Mindfulness and NLP Guru in Asia. Google search Rank #1 Top Corporate Trainers in India (April 2020).

IIM alumnus with 23 Years of experience in Training, Coaching, L&D, IT and Sales. He is an advisor to Skill Central UK and Founder & Chief mentor of Indian Leadership Academy (ILA), a leadership development company focusing on leadership development through ancient wisdom and coaching.
Having led multi million business units and bringing rich experience from leadership roles at GE and Hewlett Packard, he primarily works with leaders in the areas of business growth and leadership development.
Recipient of Philipe Award for Community Leadership.
Specializations: Leadership Interventions, Neuroleadership, Neurosales, Ontological Coaching, Cross Culture Workshops, Emotional Intelligence, NLP at work, Mindfulness at work, Agile Workshops, Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, Team Bonding, Outbound Learning, Executive Coaching.
Visit him at:
Workshop Locations: India, Singapore, UK, UAE, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain

International Certifications

International Coach Federation

Indian Leadership Academy

International Certification by ISO

Indian Leadership Academy

Skill Central, UK

Indian Leadership Academy ILA


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