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The world is gradually transforming into a data-dependent system pool. Systems run on data, companies thrive on data, research is dependent on data and even your life is revolving around data. Data is in abundance. In order to focus on the ones enriching you, you need to self-design your data into content.

Content designers or instructional designers identify, filter, analyse and condition the data in such a way that it becomes easy to assimilate. But this is not the core of their role. The core is, to design, develop and micromanage the content in such a way that it is engaging and is in bite sized chunks that can be swiftly imbibed. Hence the term, Instructional Designing.

What is Instructional Design?

Sara McNeil defines: Instructional Design is the systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction. It is the entire process of analysis of learning needs and goals and the development of a delivery system to meet those needs. It includes the development of instructional content, materials, and activities; and try out and evaluation of all instruction and learner activities.

Instructional Designers not only develop content, but they also design it using the right set of tools and take the quality a level up. Instructional design is the creation of learning experiences and materials during a manner that leads to the acquisition and application of data and skills.

Instructional Design (ID) may be to is a process or systematic approach to developing the varied learning courses or programs. Enough has been written about ID and its various theories and models that outline the varied approaches or strategies to
learning design. A new ID has got to figure this out from the ocean of data available. As an ID, one would expect the A to Z of the event process readily available on the web forums.

Basic Components oF Instructional Design

While there are a number of instructional design models and processes, many of their components are similar. They include analysis, design, development, and evaluation.


A needs analysis typically includes understanding the needs and learners including why a training or learning solution is required. It may be the case that training is not the solution and some other type of performance improvement or non-training solution will be recommended. In this stage, you’ll also begin to develop the goals of the training, including learning objectives, and determine how the training will be delivered.

Design & Development

Design and development include the actual design and development of the instructional materials or determining the delivery methods to be used. It often includes drafting curriculum and lesson plans, developing any instructional materials including presentations, e-learning, job aids, participant guides, and anything else to be used in the training.


Evaluation looks at how you determine if your training or learning solution was successful. Did it create a measurable impact on the learner’s behaviour and did that lead to the desired results back on the job?

The Benefits of Instructional Design

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Instructional design is cost effective, as long as it ensures that individuals learn efficiently by creating top quality learning materials.

Why is Instructional Design a Must for You?

If you are a trainer, you have landed to at the right page. Be sure this is the first thing that you need to grab. ID is the foundation, the base to your training programs. A well planned and a technically structured content not only adds value to your sessions and your end users but also grabs a market chunk for you. Creating your own content is just like creating a unique brand and a unique identity for yourself in the market. Your content is your voice that speaks volumes in terms of your authenticity and credibility as a trainer. A trainer with a unique content, rules the arena!

In Instructional Design, ABCD is Any Body Can Design!

  • Analyse and accentuate your content

  • Blow minds with your unique and authentic compositions

  • Creatively present your content in your own flavour

  • Design and develop your unique niche in the market

Let Your Content Create A Buzz Through The Market

There is indeed a dearth of quality Instructional designers in the market. Instructional Designers are the invisible codes running in the background that incorporate and keep your agenda alive. In 2016, LinkedIn saw only 5000 openings for Instructional designers, but the number tripled by 2018 and is increasing with each passing quarter. A 28.3 percent increase of Instructional design roles and openings are going to be witnessed in the next decade which is something close to a million worldwide.

Full time Instructional Designers start right from a scale of 5.5-7 lakhs (which is 28% above national average) and the range can go to higher peaks as well. Instructional designers are needed in publishing houses, Training Centres, Education Centres, Learning and Development Departments, Advertising Companies, Service Providers for Corporate Communication roles, website, and much… much…. more.
The scope of ID is vast and is an ever-learning field of work.

Instructional Design is becoming a hot topic in the global market, pertaining to its increasing need. It is next to impossible to thrive in the global training community without having a strong foothold in terms of content designing.

Instructional Design Program at Indian Leadership Academy

We at Indian Leadership Academy, believe in mastering and delivering the best of the kind. We have come up with a unique mix of technicality and creativity that
makes ID fun to learn and even more fun and engaging to implement. ID courses become more precise, effective, time-saving and cost-effective. Needless to say, the demand for instructional designers in the market is all time soaring high!

In this course, we cover all the basics that you need to have to head start your career in ID. We equip you with the foundation, initial throttle, and also with the post-program support that helps you self-sustain your learning process.

Who All Should Attend This?

The Future of ID

Whether you’re developing classroom instruction, an e-learning course, or an on- demand performance support solution following sound instructional design processes will help you create better more successful solutions.

As the business world continues to change, so do organizations and their learning functions. Flexibility, creativity, and innovation are becoming more valued. As a result, various models like agile, iterative design and many more are becoming more popular. Instructional designers are also borrowing more elements from the areas of User Experience (UX) Design and Design Thinking. It doesn’t matter which path the training and development gets directed towards in coming years, or what shape its most important aspects take in or what technologies are on the horizon for learning and development, a solid background in instructional design will always be valuable.

Content is king and we are the king makers! Come join us in the incredible journey of the making of a king. We hope to see you soon with us!

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