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Design Thinking

Design thinking is a systematic approach which focuses on the solution to solve any problem. This involves reframing the problem brain-storming, adopting a strategy, testing the prototype and so on. 

Design thinking involves the following steps:-

  • Empathise:-This step requires understanding the problem from the core. This might also involve external consultation from experts.
  • Define (the Problem):- In this stage all the data is compiled. The resources necessary and the resources available are analysed.
  • Ideate:- This is the most crucial step in the process of design thinking. This involves brainstorming and thinking outside the box. Lateral thinking is encouraged.
  • Prototype:- An inexpensive scaled down version of the actual product is prepared. This is a trial phase where the input from the previous three phases is used and a solution to the problem is displayed.
  • Test:- The solution is rigorously tested and feedback is taken. If necessary, the previous steps are repeated.
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