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The Power of your thoughts

Have you ever wondered how sometimes; a floating thought takes over the form of an entire movie within your mind? And the more you try to control the thought, the more you end up thinking about it. The mind is a very powerful tool that can manifest all your thoughts into reality in some form or the other. It follows the “Law of Attraction “.  Thoughts are the fuel for the mind to function, and just like a vehicle that needs fuel to run, our thoughts enable our mind to work. This power of our mind along with our imagination determines our actions and ultimately our life.
As they say, “Your thoughts determine your action, your action determines your habit, your habits determine your character and your character determines your life”
Learning to use our thoughts in the right manner requires a high level of mindfulness. It requires us to focus regularly on the patterns of our thoughts, identify the reason or the trigger behind them, and ultimately understand what is the impact of it on us.
First, we need to understand that not all thoughts are equal. Random ones might not do much if we do not focus on them, but our predominant thoughts, the ones we repeat often, influence our behaviour and attitude, affect our actions and reactions, and shape our reality. Imagine these thoughts to be like a video, that keeps playing in our minds. Sometimes consciously, sometimes even subconsciously.
But not all videos that are played are ones we enjoy watching. So how do we retune it? As I have mentioned earlier, the more we try to control the thought or restrict it, the more we think about it. A better approach would be to let the thought pass away at its own pace. A second method is to consciously try to think of a better thought, a more positive one, once the earlier thought starts fading off. But this needs to be done in a slow gentle manner rather than trying to push the negative thought out.
Thoughts are like seeds. And when we water it with our focus and attention, it tends to grow and manifest into a bigger form in our life. So, learning to use it in a way that benefits us is very critical. Imagine you want to buy a new car and you are worried about how you will afford it. Now you have 2 possibilities before you. Either focus all of your attention on your problem statement and only worry about being able to afford it. This indirectly gives you a feeling that you might be unable to buy it someday. However instead of doing that, if you focus all of your attention on what you would feel when you actually buy that dream car of yours, it creates more positive wavelengths in your mind helping you to identify a solution. Concentrating on the solution rather than the problem is the key to using your mind to work in your favour. And that is the Law of Attraction. To make it effective, you need to remember the following: –
  • You need to have a clear idea of what exactly you want.

  • Concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Because our mind sometimes does not differentiate between yes and no. It only fuels the thoughts that come repeatedly.

  • Paint the picture with as many colours as you can in your mind. Make it a happy, beautiful video.

  • Play that video in your mind repeatedly. And observe your feelings and emotions when you do that.

  • Believe it will come true with all your mind and heart.

This technique helps you to change negative thoughts and habits in your life and replace them with positive ones.
So next time, you have some positive thoughts, fuel them, feed them, nurture them. When you have negative thoughts, take a deep breath and let them pass, and play the video that makes you smile and grow.