Types of Leadership – Movie edition

Everyone likes to be a leader. From a school kid prays to become the class leader to a retired grandpa wanting to become the secretary of the apartment, leadership quality is there within everyone. It not only comes with in all ages but different methods as well. So, let’s have a look at some styles of leadership from the medium that we all like, the movies!!!
Lights 💡 Camera 📽 Action 🎬!!

Transformational Leader (Ethan Hunt: Mission Impossible)

We all like ethan for his focus & persistence to complete the mission, no matter how difficult it is. He always manages to do impossible tasks not only by assigning the tasks to each member of his team based on their skills but also make them to work out of their area of interest like asking Benji (The tech guy) to become a field agent. This type of leaders influences their team to work on new areas whenever required so the MISSON can be ACCOMPLISHED 👍!

The Coach (Chak De!)

The coach is someone who not only makes you a better performer but also the one who keeps the team together. In this movie, the weakness of the team is ego & strength is their love for hockey. Coach Kabir brought the team together for the goal of winning the world cup and said CHAK DE 🏑!

The Visionary (KGF)

Who else can be a good example for a visionary leader than our very own Rocky! in both the films, he showed his bravery, initiation and influenced the people of narachi to work for his vision, to conquer DHUNIYA 🌎!

The Charismatic (Captain America)

Steve rogers aka Captain America is a natural leader. He is noble, compassionate, up-front, accountable and people got inspired by his persona. Even rocket admired his pep-talk in endgame. He is so resilient that he decided to face thanos & his army by himself because HE CAN DO THIS ALL DAY 👊!

The Autocratic (Jailer)

How one can right about leadership styles in movies without mentioning “The Thalaivaa”? In this movie, the jailer of a prison makes his own rules which are strictly to be followed. Otherwise, there will be consequences. For instance, a prisoner loses his ear for questioning his rules & actions. Autocratic leaders are like dictators. You can’t question their decisions because it’s their HUKUM 🕶!
There is no such thing as bad leadership. Its all about where, when and how one use the traits as a leader. We all have at least one trait from each style. Let’s focus on more traits to bring the best version of the leader within us AND CUT!!!

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