Life Coaching with NLP & Mindfulness

Life Coaching -
The Game Changer

A life coach is a helping professional who helps people on a range of professional and personal issues in order to make progress in their lives so as to attain greater fulfilment. Life coaches can help you setting your goals, improving communication skills, improving personal and professional relationships and much more. A Life Coach would identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then come up with strategies for reinforcing your strengths and improving on weaknesses.
Neuro based coaching is an essential aspect of Life Coaching, where the coach would work on the Brain and Mind of the coachee for rewiring or restructuring it in tune with the objectives/ goals those are identified by changing the belief system.

NLP shows the way

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is one of the most talked-about tools in the training and coaching market. NLP provides one of the most effective methodologies for exponential personal and professional development. A lot of individuals are looking to make Neuro Linguistic Programming a part of their life.
An integration of NLP and Mindfulness is unique and a rare combination where you will learn all the techniques of NLP to know the inside of your mind and with mindfulness you would know how to control your negative thoughts and remain in the present moment. This unique program will make you more potent to handle your clients in efficient and effective manner.d

How Mindful are you ?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.
It is moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environments When you become mindful, you become completely present in the current moment, you let go of your past events and feelings, you let go of how things around you might enfold and become open to accept things as they are.
Mindfulness is a way of life. It has multiple benefits to your personal, physical, psychological and spiritual life. It helps you connect better with your magnificent self and helps you perform at your best level in every area of your life and we have curated this program to help you achieve the highest level of life.

Course Details

Our Life Coaching with NLP and Mindfulness program Typically have the following schedule.

Day 1
Agenda of Day 1
  1. The concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the roles and responsibilities of an NLP Practitioner.
  2. Psychological concepts in NLP.
  3. The presuppositions, Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, frames of mind and cognitive distortions.
  4. Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.
  5. How NLP and Mindfulness can be a powerful combination for self development and coaching others.
Day 2
Agenda of Day 2
  1. Enhancing your belief systems using NLP.
  2.  How to set specific goals also called timelines.
  3. Advanced linguistic skills and the basics of Hypnotic language.
  4. Create your own Authentic and Powerful story to motivate you and others.
  5. Meditation to control your thoughts
  6. Subconscious mind and Autopilot.
  7. Science behind meditation
Day 3
Agenda of Day 3
  1. Advanced techniques on effective team management, conflict management.
  2. Different communication styles and leadership styles that will make you an impactful communicator and an effective leader.
  3. Powerful rapport-building techniques which will be a great tool as an NLP Practitioner to connect with people.
  4. Body scanning and Loving-kindness meditation.
  5. Building relationships with mindful communication.
  6. Stress Management.
Day 4
Agenda of Day 4
  1. Various powerful techniques on how to combat addictions, cure phobias
  2.  NLP Coaching framework - How to get started with Coaching others using NLP.
  3. Mindful living
  4. Chakra meditation and RAIN meditation practice
  5. Training for mindfulness and 30 days NLP and Mindfulness Practice schedule.
  6. Certification Ceremony
Day 5
Agenda of Day 5
  1. How to grow your life coaching business
  2. Journey of a coach–entrepreneur
  3. Case studies: Expect the unexpected: challenges as a coach
  4. How to get coaching clients
  5. Coaching organization structure
  6. Video mastery for branding for coaches
  7. Guidance – to publish your own coaching book.
  8. Design your own coaching intervention using an integrated model
  9. Opportunities available for coaches after this program
  10. Career options in learning and development (l&d)
  11. Case studies – success stories and failed coaching assignments
  12. Real-time opportunities
Day 6
Agenda of Day 6
  1. International coaching market
  2. International workshops – latest trends
  3. Case studies: selecting your microniche in coaching
  4. Image coaching, health coaching, career coaching
  5. Coaching practice sessions
  6. Parking lot topics
  7. Share feedback for all participants
  8. Plan of action
Day 7
Agenda of Day 7
  1.  NLP - introduction to neuro linguistic programming
  2. Presuppositions of NLP
  3. Understanding and changing to empowering beliefs
  4. Linguistic skills
  5. NLP frames
  6. Live case studies with NLP
  7. NLP anchoring technique
  8. Introduction to mindfulness and meditation practice
Day 8
Agenda of Day 8
  1. Cognitive distortions
  2. Use of sensory modalities and sub modalities - VAK
  3. Building self-esteem
  4. Inner child healing
  5. NLP expert talk
  6.  Develop emotional intelligence
  7. Understanding and managing stress
  8. Managing anxiety with nlp techniques
  9. NLP meta programs
  10. Wheel of life
Day 9
Agenda of Day 9
  1. Chunking, association and disassociation
  2. Needs-classical conditioning
  3. Changing state-circle of excellence
  4. Goal setting and timeline techniques
  5. Live case studies with NLP
  6. Breaking through the autopilot mode
Day 10
Agenda of Day 10
  1. Coaching conversations
  2. Rapport building
  3. The art of questioning
  4. NLP at the workplace - effective communication
  5. Conflict - resolution, leadership and self-motivation
  6. Health and wellness with NLP
  7. Building your NLP coaching business
  8. NLP expert talk
Day 11
Agenda of Day 11
  1. Introduction to mindfulness and meditation practice
  2. Self-love
  3. The science behind mindfulness and meditation
  4. Mindful l iving and compassion
  5. Gratitude is the best attitude
  6. Loving-kindness meditation
  7.  Meditation practice for body scanning
Day 12
Agenda of Day 12
  1. Building relationships with mindful communication
  2. Head,heart & gut - 3 minds
  3. Chakra meditation practice
  4. Health and wellness with mindfulness
  5. Mindful living: an action plan
  6. Magical mornings - 3 months practice plan
  7. Four-weekend practice program
  8. Graduation Ceremony

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