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East Meets West

East Meets West - A Global Networking Forum for Coaches

East meets West is an Online Networking Forum where Expert Coaches from East and West share their wisdom and create a platform where we can gain from the collective knowledge and varied experiences.

Audience for this forum would be a mixed group- Aspiring Trainers, Coaches and Leaders, CEO’s, Corporate professionals, Millennial, Business owners.

The Online sessions are 90-minute sessions scheduled once in 2 weeks

This is a free platform for people as of now.

East Meets West - June 2020

Our Moderators


Kaushik Mahapatra

International Coach, Corporate Speaker

Indian Leadership Academy

Deepesh Chhetri

International Speaker

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Cynthia Castellino

Master Trainer, Image Coach

Topics Planned for the Sessions

  • Transpersonal view on coaching
  • Eastern Philosophy for Coaching
  • Quick tips on Executive Group Coaching
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Coaching with Mindfulness and NLP
  • Neuroscience Techniques for Coaches
  • Western paradigm in self development
  • Eastern traditions of Creating self awareness
  • Buddhist Zen techniques – for Self Coaching

More Details

  • Online sessions 
  • All sessions are Video Conferencing sessions
  • Suggested day and time for the Session – Thursday evening
  • Session planned every 2 weeks
  • Session Duration : 90 minutes
  • No of speakers : 4 Per Session (2 from east, 2 from west)
  • 15 minutes talk per Speaker
  • 30 minutes Q & A
  • Audience Size : 50 participants /Session
  • Ticket Price : Free for now

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