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Rise of Gamification in Corporate Trainings

Why Gamification works well in Corporate Trainings?

Corporate training is a means of providing an environment for employees that helps them build the required knowledge and skills they need to increase their performance at work. Most companies felt that the traditional training styles used had employees engaged mostly up till couple of hours of the session and not benefitting them in the long run. However, by using the interactive (gamified) training style has proven to be more effective, in terms of knowledge and information retention.
The gamification market is valued from $6.3B in the industry in 2019 to a projected $37B by 2027.
Simply put, gamification is the art of designing training programs in a way that makes work concepts resemble to a game. At the same time, one must also remember that it is not about creating a game.

Key Benefits of Gamifying Corporate Training Program

Unlike, the non-gamified training sessions, the use of gamification usually helps in increased engagement, higher productivity and motivation in employees. The focus of gamified trainings must remain at delivering a great learning experience and making it fun.
  • Employee Motivation

    While designing a training program, the top priority of organisations should be motivating the employees. According to various research, 1 out of 3 employees say that training and development opportunities play an influential role in their decision to stay with a company. The trainings can be directly proportional to the increased employee retention.

  • Engaged Learner

    Another focus should be at fostering collaboration among employees. The training programs must aim to build stronger relationships, develop trust and engagement amongst teams of learners. Gamification is the key to integrate fun and collaboration in the corporate trainings.

  • Information Retention

    It is proven that we remember more information when we perform certain activities rather than reading alone. With gaming activities, the concepts, events and the information is more likely to stay in our memories as they have the fun factor involved.

  • Measuring Progress

    It can be easily used to track the progress of each learner and measure progress through badges, leader boards, and rewards. These gamification features also help in identification of the highest performing employee.
    Though, the gamification in corporate trainings is at rise, however it needs a continuous evolvement with the technological advancements. Do evaluate the programs based on learners’ feedback and incorporate the same while crafting your next gamified learning strategy.