Indian Leadership Academy

Strategic Thinking

Each profession has its own market, and in order to remain competitive and prove ourselves, we need to keep up. Creativity and trends can change powerful marketing habits instantly, and for this careful planning and execution is necessary.
Strategic planning / thinking has a major role in this competitive world. A detailed plan for the process should be done roughly once or twice a year. A clear set of goals, priorities, directions, and action items should be planned.
With strategic thinking, we can predict challenges or obstacles to be faced and highlight areas to be improved. Keeping up with the industry requires consistency and knowledge.
The key is to be proactive and take things one step at a time. Strategic planning requires the ability to take responsibility and the initiative to identify our weaknesses, strengths, and the challenges we face in our way.
We should set clear goals. The key to strategic thinking is asking ourselves challenging questions. When we challenge our assumptions, we can be sure the goals created align with what we want.
It is imperative to reflect on our goals and the steps we took to achieve them. The act of reflection or analysis is critical to our progress and helps us achieve our goals in a focused way.
Strategic planning helps in increasing Durability and Profitability. When we create a detailed plan of our goals, we limit our exposure to surprises, errors, and other obstacles. As a result, we will have more durability and less chances of failure, increasing profitability, productivity, and success.
Overall strategic thinking is planning taken to the next level. In other words, it is about developing a thorough action plan, tracking results, evaluating them, and ensuring that the path to success is followed.