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Leadership Training in Bangalore

Leadership training in Bangalore has a lot of demand as Bangalore has been the hub for corporate giants and start-ups in India since many years and there is a surge in leadership roles in the last 10 years. Leadership training in Bangalore has a consistent demand as not just corporate giants but even Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises invest in providing leadership coaching to their employees, managers and executives.

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Latest Trending areas in Leadership

Leadership Training in Bangalore or Leadership coaching in Bangalore is mostly in the areas of Situational leadership, Leadership styles, Servant leadership and Innovation leadership.

Some of the models used for leadership coaching in Bangalore has been more or less effective, however it needs much more depth and much more result oriented. In that regard Leadership coaching in Bangalore has seen many new models and approaches which works for executives keeping it more realistic and relevant to the current trends in Business.

Modern Leadership Models

Couple of leadership Models and approaches which is recently got a lot of return on investment are as follows:

  • Neuroleadership
  • Ontological Approach to Leadership Development.


Neuroleadership is all about using neuroscience and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques for leadership development.

Ontological Approach To Leadership

An ontological approach is all about asking yourself - who are we ? what are we here for ? what's the purpose ?

In both these approaches Leadership is considered to be a combination of the Leader’s language, action and feelings because our Language, Patterns and emotions create our world.

In both ontological and Neuroleadership based leadership development, Indian Leadership Academy has done a lot of research and has been leading many leadership workshops in bangalore.

Our Premier Leadership Programs

Indian Leadership Academy provides such leadership workshops in bangalore to create self motivated individuals who have a vision to lead from the front, have strong passion and attitude to lead themselves as well as others. The Programs help you to assess your style of leadership and provide opportunities to identify specific areas of improvement and ultimately lead the life you deserve.