Indian Leadership Academy

Woman As a leader

A woman as a leader personifies accountability and perseverance at a high degree. They lead with a sense of responsibility to give their best whether that means being a manager. Being a woman are you leading in your profession? Are you leading as a responsible citizen of the country? This might be a long list but a little awareness and change in your habits and lifestyle can make you lead from the front and you will experience a new life altogether. Life is full of possibilities and new opportunities and most important that unbeatable mindset that will keep you going and make your life more meaningful.

Empowering Women To Lead - Program Overview

Empowering women to Lead is a Women’s Leadership workshop which enables women to develop skills for self-improvement and leadership development. Participants gain an understanding of the impact of gender equality, improve key skills, build confidence and
become aware of their unique strengths as natural leaders. The 3 key topics which is part of the workshop is Personality development through leadership skills, Accelerate Career development and Taking care of your Stress and overall well being of Women to grow further in life.

Key Benefits

To The Organization:

  • Energize the Women Leaders and inspire them to achieve the Organization’s Vision
  • Enhance their spirit which leads to increased productivity
  • Helps in creating a more collaborative environment

To The Participants:

  • Increase confidence and clarity to excel as a Women Leader
  • Build abilities to influence people around them.
  • Accelerate their Career growth and overall wellbeing

Brief Agenda

  • Ice Breaker Activity : Know yourself. Excel as a Women Leader.

Personality development through leadership skills

  • What Most People Get Wrong About Women
  • Successful women leaders in India.
  • Discover your personality Type
  • Developing talent
  • Empowering women to Lead

Accelerate Career development

  • What you want to do Vs What others want you to do
  • Finding your own passion
  • Step by Step process to accelerate in your chosen career path
  • Extend your network

Taking care of your Stress

  • How to Think and stay positive
  • Ways to manage Stress
  • Need of Emotional Intelligence
  • Importance of Gratitude for overall wellbeing