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Neuroleadership - Overview

Neuroleadership is the result of neuroscience research in the field of leadership. It applies data gathered about the effect of leadership styles on brain and nervous system. This helps to alter leadership patterns to best suit the organization and results in a more dedicated and happy workforce.

Neuroleadership in the workplace is helps in better understanding of the thought process of the workers, which can in turn benefit in the development and improvement of the employees. Organizations nowadays are becoming more people oriented and the emphasis is now more on how we connect to people rather than just manage them. This is where neuroleadership comes into picture. Having borne out of neurosciences, Neuroleadership is based on scientific approach to understanding and leading the workplace which creates a healthy and a sustainable workforce.

Benefits of Neuroleadership:-

  • Transform your organization with strategies which are scientifically backed
  • Remove stress in your employees and hence increase productivity
  • Learn neurosciences based strategies to increase performance in the workforce
  • Understand and connect with the employees in a better way
  • Create a healthy and fulfilling environment in your organization

Course Details

Why Should You Opt For It?

The benefits of Neuroleadership training are:

  • A detailed understanding of how and why employees and leaders behave in a certain manner, and where motivation comes from. This understanding is backed by neuroscientific research that has been validated across years.
  • Realize what agitates people by understanding the biology behind it, and deal with situations effectively.
  • Develop ease while presenting changes in the organization, and avoid friction between HR and employees.
  • Develop an effective strategy for better communication in difficult situations.
  • Create a bond of trust and safety in the organization by understanding how the brain works.
  • Course Content

    Our Neuroleadership training covers these topics:

  • Importance of balance between cognitive and emotional dimensions in the workplace.
  • Avoidance vs approach factors.
  • Why change is perceived as threat- the biology behind it.
  • The SCARF Model- learning to deal with change.
  • Creating emotional understanding to develop positive working relationships.
  • The art of building trusting relationships
  • Default network vs control network and its applications in enhancing productivity and creativity.