Smart Networking for Leadership Development

Smart Networking for Leadership Development

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others. The most successful people in the world, look for collaboration and build networks. Networking plays a pivotal role in leadership. Networking and building contacts are one of the boons that which leaders are blessed with. In a network there are people who you help and then there are also people who want to help you back. The best leaders are in fame today just because of their networking skills and contact. It’s not who you know, but who knows you. Networking is just like marketing, marketing yourself, your uniqueness and what you stand for. Behind a successful you, there will be many successful relationships. Networking is more of an art but there are some basic guidelines that govern them.

Networking Guidelines

Some of the various methods of networking include:

We can always pick what suits us best. Some of us are comfortable more with face to face networking compared to online networking. However with people getting busier nowadays the online networking flatforms are getting more popularity and we should be open to use them. Personally I got benefited a lot with the linkedin platform. It’s a wonderful tool for professional networking. In face I must tell you as an entrepreneur 50% of my business came from linkedin. All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes everyday.

Its indeed a wonderful platform where we can easily get connected with people who have similar passion and interest and eventually that network would get you a lot of like minded individuals to collaborate with you on your future initiatives.

So keep exploring new possibilities to network as networking is the mantra for successful leaders and Leaders are always in a lookout to create and use networks to get people, information and resources for accelerated growth. As Leaders lets connect, collaborate and create.

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