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A Guide to Self Coaching

Charity begins at home, and coaching begins with you. To understand the subtle science and art of coaching, one has to have comprehensibility of their consciousness. Everything needs to have a track and account, starting from thoughts to emotions. An individual who checks their thoughts emotions is a step closer to being emotionally and mentally stable.
No person on this planet is the embodiment of perfection. Everybody needs help in some or another part of life. The very concept of coaching has originated because people need professional help time and again. Not every person on earth is lucky to have people around them for every challenge they face. Some people have got little to no luck when it comes to friendships.


On the other hand, some people are terrible at expressing themselves and thus have no luck building a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, some people suck at being diplomatic and fail to crack deals. Finally, some people are terrible at academics. Well, all these people need help in some form or another. To ensure that they get the required help, the coaching system began. If we observe the trend from the beginning of the era, parents can be considered the world’s most ancient coaches. Believe me, and there is none other than parents who can coach you to success. But yes, with time, some of us lose them, or they lose touch with you. The next set of coaches that we receive is in the form of our teachers. It is known that teachers are the source of knowledge and guidance for troubled and lost souls. History and mythology are witnesses of teachers leading their disciples through the ups and downs of life. A good teacher has the ability to transform a student’s life. The next set of coaches that fate has blessed us with are our friends. A group of friends is like a team of coaches. Everybody excels in some part of life. Inadvertently, this group listens to you, advises you, and ensures your well-being in the process. If not for friends, we as individuals would have to lose out on a lot of free coaching sessions.

It is safe to say that all of us have been coached in some way or the other. Be it our parents, gurus, or friends, we have been coached numerous times by them. Once you have a taste of coaching, it is tough not to admire the process. To coach or to be coached is one of the essential services that you can provide to humanity. To be coached gives the coach a feeling of being worthy of society. It gives confidence to the coach that his services are helpful to the people around him.