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How would you feel if you could get into the state of happiness and motivation whenever you chose to. And the best part is, it would take you less than two minutes to use the tool. Wouldn’t it be a life changer. The tool is called NLP. In the next few lines you are going to learn a few NLP TECHNIQUES, which will enhance your life. NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a set of psychological techniques which helps in your Professional and Personal Development. The NLP Techniques which you are going to learn is called anchoring.

Anchoring:- What do you feel when you look at a rose? A feeling of love. What do you feel when you look at a gun pointed at you? A feeling of fear. What can we understand from this?
The brain stores emotions in the form of symbols. They are also called anchors. Anchors may be visual (something you can see), auditory (you can hear) gustatory (taste), oil factory (smell) or Kinesthetic (something you can touch).

Now you are going to learn an NLP Technique called anchoring, on how to create anchors.

  1. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Imagine an incident in your life where you were really happy/motivated. Press a particular part in your body with your finger, which is easily accessible.
  2. Visualize the scenario in your mind. What were the colors, shapes, faces of the people there and other visual details.
  3. Imagine all the sounds that were there. was it words, was it music, was it the rustling of leaves, or was it the sound of animals.
  4. How happy/motivated did you feel? What are the physical sensations you felt? Did you feel butterflies in your stomach? Did you feel goosebumps?
  5. Were there any particular smells that made you feel good? Also was there anything you were tasting?
  6. Break the state ( come out of that state) and remove your finger.
  7. Now close your eyes and touch the same part with your finger and repeat the steps one to seven and break states. 

This is a very powerful NLP TECHNIQUE which will enable you to get into the states of happiness/motivation whenever you choose to.

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