Instant Rapport Building

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The Key to Instant Rapport Building

I think the power of persuasion will be the greatest superpower of all

Jenny Mollen (actress, author)

Face it!! We all at some point in our daily life desperately wish we could control someone’s mind and make them do what we wanted.
Sounds unreasonable, doesn’t it?
Well, what if you could actually influence people deeply and persuade them to get what you want??
wouldn’t that be amazing?

Here are a few steps:-

1. Eye contact: “Eyes are the windows to the souls”, The most cliche’ statement we have been hearing from a very long time. The reason is eye contact builds Rapport (Trust+ Care + Comfort). A warm eye contact up to 3 seconds can make the person feel more connected and familiar.

2. Body language analysis and mirroring:–  

There are mainly two kinds of body language in this context →

a) Open body language: for which the main indicators are arms open, legs open and palms open (visible). This indicates the person is open and receptive.
b) Closed body language: for which the main indicators are arms closed, legs crossed, palms not visible. Decide on which body language the target has and mirror it subtly.

3. Trance words:– Every person uses some words frequently and which have some emotional attachment to. Recognize those words, it might be simple ones like “and”, “actually” etc.
Ex:- The target’s trance word is “actually”.

Scenario:– You are trying to sell a pen.
Usage of the trance word:- You should buy this pen because it fulfills your requirements actually this pen has everything you’re looking for.

4. Using of the words “because”:– Using the word “because” as a connector greatly enhances the chances of persuading someone.
Ex:- You should come to the party because I believe you would have an amazing time.

5. Voice:– It’s called the PPP formula.

When a person interacts with you, focus on the Pace, Pitch, Pauses and adapt to it.

Pace: – The speed with which they talk.
Pitch: – Is it high or low.
Pause: – How frequently does the target pause.

Practice is the key. Start trying it with people you know.
Wish you all the success.

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