Mastery in Public Speaking

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Do you want to be a Public Speaker?

Mastery in Public Speaking

Whether you are a Trainer or a Coach, you also have to be a Public Speaker and you might instantly agree to it. But are we all always born with the best communication skills? Do we all know how to keep our audience captivated throughout our presentation? If you have ever struggled with it or are someone who wants to learn it, we have outlined few simple tips for you which can help you polish your speaking skills a bit.

Few Simple Tips to Polish Your Public Speaking Skills:

  • Open Correct:

    The first five minutes set the mood and expectation. Make them count by using them wisely. Start with a smile, always keep your hands open and moving in sync with your speech, maintain a steady eye contact with your audience and express with your face. The audience reacts better to you when your face expresses your words more than your words itself.

  • Interact and Introspect:

    Interact with your audience as much as you can. Unless you are delivering a speech and have to just deliver the agenda, interacting with your audience to keep them engaged is crucial for your success as a speaker. Only when your audience will connect with your speech, will they applaud you, encourage you and make you succeed in delivering your part. Wherever you gauge your audience’s mood is not in sync with your words, include few activities, teasers to bring them back mentally to your speech.

  • Plan and Deliver:

    You automatically deliver better when you are confident in your content, and this happens when you have gathered the maximum knowledge on your topic. Plan well, read as much as you can on the chosen topic, prepare your speech in bullet points with the main points, allocate time to each topic, calculate the exact time you have been allotted or are planning and stick to it. When you plan it methodically, the chances of you delivering the exact same way increase dramatically.

  • Voice and Pitch Modulation:

    Ever heard a speech in a monotone and felt disconnected to it? That is what happens if you do not increase/decrease your pitch in accordance with the emotion you are projecting. Always remember, your audience might forget your words but they will always remember how you made them feel and emotions are always conveyed with your expressions and your voice. Practice throat chakra activation to improve your voice quality. Listen to more speeches and focus only on the quality of their voice. When you start practicing this, your audience’s reaction to you will be monumentally different and they will like you more.

  • End Correct:

    People might not remember your entire speech but they will most likely remember how you started it and how and you ended it and this is claimed by a research. This is why it is equally important to plan the end of your speech!

Before you plan the end, ask yourself these three questions to determine what is going to be the
take-away for your audience:

Ending of the Speech

Depending on your motive for the speech, end your speech with:

  • A Call to Action

    When you have inspired them and you want them to work towards implementing it in real life, close your speech with questions like- Will you do it for you? Are you willing to take the risk and move forward? I did it and it changed my life. Will you still not do it?
    This will leave your audience hanging and they will ponder over your question and it will push them towards action.

  • A Quote

    You were here to share a cause or a good initiative or just were there to share your experiences as a speaker. The best way to end this speech would be to end with a quote. Quote a powerful person’s words or a relevant quote and summarize your speech in just one sentence. This will create a beautiful end to your impressive speech!

  • Humor

    You presented an entertaining speech or were at a training to increase team bonding, the apt way to add such presentations would be through humor. If you succeed to make your audience laugh, they will remember you more. It is aptly said, the best laugh is the shared laugh. Add this to your speech and conclude with a nice joke or anecdote and you left a powerful impression!

If you start implementing these small but important tips to your speech from now on, you will feel the difference and your audience will always be applauding for you!

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