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Executive Coaching in INDIA

What makes Organizations gain a competitive advantage. Executive Coaching and leadership development is the Ultimate answer.

Executive Coaching in India is booming as more and more organizations want to invest in people’s development and also employees and senior executives are constantly looking for more meaning at work.

Executive Coaching in India has been there since ages with Companies like TATA investing a lot in people’s development since the days of independence. However, nowadays it has become widely accepted as organizations have realized that like customer satisfaction initiatives, Employees’ overall development is the secret to success. Moreover, building a coaching culture instantly boosts employee engagement encourages employees to take more responsibility and reduces Micromanaging to a larger extent, and hence improvements are quite visible to everyone in the organization.

Demand For Executive Coaching In India:

Coaching is on the rise in every sector. International Coaching Federation – The world’s no.1 Coaching accreditation body predicts that the growth forecast for Coaching would be 5.4% year over year and It is estimated to be $1.38 Billion by 2022.

As far as Executive coaching in India is concerned, there are no such official statistics but the very fact that every organization from MNC’s to MSME talking about Coaching and a coaching culture predicts that the growth for Executive coaching is going to be humongous in these coming years.

Moreover, Executive coaching during the Covid times is getting a big push as more and more employees are going through a rough patch and coaching is a solution to bring them on track with a much more positive mindset.

The demand for executive coaching in India is growing day by day.

How can Executive Coaching help?

How can Executive Coaching help is in everyone’s mind. Undoubtedly, Executive Coaching is one of the best and most effective, thought-provoking, self-directed, and eye-opening developmental strategies for employees, managers, and Leaders. And why not, we all want to tap into our high potential reserves and give maximum outputs in terms of our capabilities. With reference to the studies from the International Coach Federation, External executive Coaching Demands are likely to increase from 77 percent to 80 percent from 2020 to 2022. With the corporate transition in motion, the role of executive coaches is transitioning as well.

According to ongoing studies and surveys we have compiled the top 5 reasons why Executive coaches are being hired.

  • To Facilitate Leadership Transition

    Tough times call for tough measures. Situational Leadership is not the forte for every leader. According to surveys by Psychology Today, in order to facilitate the same, executive coaches are being hired by organizations to empower leaders at the top. 48% of all executive coaches are being hired to coach on transitional and situational leadership. Leading change in a way that is the need of the hour and would not only be accepted by all but also be participated by all is what organizations are looking forward to.

  • Act as a Sound Board

    Validation, prototype runs and verification form an integral part of a top managerial post or a leadership role. Coaches act as sound boards on which the coachee can actually try out their new ideas, run their test formulation and even get valuable feedback on agendas and interventions. Coaches being ethically and contractually bound, provide a safe and sound environment for the coachee without the risk of facing a backlash. This enhances confidence and risk taking attitude increases manifold. 26% of executive coaches, from Harvard Business Review have said to have been hired as sound boards for their coachees.

  • Discipline check

    Coaches keep a discipline check on their coaches, by keeping rain checks on behavioral anomalies. Consistency is the key to upward moving output curves. The structural environment and the accountability makes it possible. Surveys say that 12% of all executive coaches have taken up the roles of checking up on behavioral aspects and discipline factors in their coachees professional circles.

  • Blind Spots

    Leaders as human beings are sometimes stuck in terms of decisions. One the most tedious jobs in the top managerial positions are decision making roles. The role of coaches here is to probe with questions that would reveal unexplored potential perspectives that can bring forth suitable outcomes in the given situation. the role as a mutual thinking partner not only works as an expert guidance but also pertains to eminent shadow figures supporting the role. 8.5% of all coaches act as spot lighters and lighthouses to their coaches, according to Corporate Daily.

  • The attentive listening partner

    The privilege of being heard is no less than a luxury today. The fact that someone is listening to you, paying attention to details and taking the topics seriously acts a leverage to the coaching process. The evidence that your opinion matters to someone and the possibility of an eventual positive outcome, makes coaches the go to person for their coachees. A throbbing 6% of coaches are attuned to have performing the role of just a listener to their coachees.

If you are aspiring to be a coach, the trending steps are here and around! Jump up and set the pace!

How can I do Executive Coaching Certification?

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

If someone wants to be a Certified Executive Coach, unfortunately, there are not many players who can provide an Executive Coaching Certification program in India. One of the organizations that have worked a lot in training new executive coaches in India is the Indian Leadership Academy. They have got a wide range of executive coaching certification programs based on your past industry experience and your overall experience. They also create Tailor made mentorship programs based on the specific areas you want to Coach.

The founder of (ILA) Indian Leadership Academy – Kaushik Mahapatra who has 23 Years of Corporate and Coaching experience and is the Top 10 Corporate Trainers and Coaches in India has specifically designed these do executive coaching certification programs.