Indian Leadership Academy

I know what you are thinking. Another article about “how to be a leader”? You will once again, take a trip down to the memory lane to remind yourself all the reasons why you can’t be one. Maybe you consider it too late. Or you are just too old, too tired or just comfortable in your position right now, that you don’t want to budge. Stop right there!

The only person stopping you from being one is your own head. It might look like it, but if you are brain is telling you to stop putting in effort into being a better person, its wrong. It’s never too late for being someone or something. We have explained you the first step to the process of becoming one. Don’t let your mind tell you that you are not capable of anything. Instead, search for that tiny voice that tells you to keep going on and on.

Once you have created that positive environment for yourself, move ahead to a proper plan. No matter how big your goal is, a strategic plan would be needed. And you do not require anyone to do that for yourself. You know your way around. You know you want that piece of cake. How you want to use the knife to cut it, it’s in your hand.

Do not listen to advice. Instead, rely on your observation. Someone might have achieved success through means that were suitable to them but it might not be the best way for you. We have been oriented differently. Figure that out. You know what works best for you or what you can do about it.

That brings us to another point. Introspection is necessary. Psychologically, introspection is ‘the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes’. Be in tune of your energies and power, emotionally or physically. Set your own agenda of happiness. Giving freedom to your individualistic side is necessary.

Build yourself and do not lose in touch with the people that matter. Also, always be focused on building contacts. The more people you are open to, the more will revert back. It has never hurt to be in contact with someone. Being a leader does not mean that you throw yourself into work. That is being a workaholic and leaders aren’t those.

They work, yes. But constructive, to the point that if it starts to encroach on their personal comforts or loved ones, they have no problem either finding a solution or leaving the situation. You see, they are strong people. They are not ready to stay back just because it is comfortable for them. They are not ready to accept less. They are not afraid to change. Neither do they wait for anyone else to come along to make that change. They are the change. You can be too!

Hopefully you are done reading with this article and your brain hasn’t discarded it as ‘another how to be a leader article’.