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Mentoring Program


- A Mentoring Program for Trainers & Coaches

The Mentoring Program for Trainers and Coaches is a 2-month program that exposes you to a 360 perspective of development – which includes self-development, content development, developing a niche area of coaching and training and developing your personal branding and selling skills. Most importantly it’s a real time visualization in terms of what happens in the market and how can we attract more opportunities.

Program Benefits

Accelerate your Training and Coaching career

Synchronize your values and long-term vision

Creating your offerings and coaching tool-kit

Resolve the Big why in terms of why you should you train and coach

Help learn new trends from the Global L&D Industry

Work together on your goals for coaching

Program Details

Duration: 2 months ( 8 sessions – one session per week)
Timings: 2 hours per session
Mode: Online Video session

Session-wise Agenda

Session -1
Self-Assessment as a Trainer/Coach

Quick assessment on you Style, Skills, capabilities, experience, passion, Values, Goals. Synchronizing them with your current set of offerings. Finding/exploring new offerings/ signature offerings and programs.

Takeaways : Assessment report, List of signature offerings and programs. Areas identified for holistic development as a Trainer/Coach. 

Session -2
Lets nurture your offerings

Working on your areas of interest for training and coaching, your signature offerings and programs – come up with Different formats based on the level and type of audience. Go through models/ tools and techniques which are globally used like Neuroscience, NLP, Self Hypnosis, CBT and see what can complement you.

Takeaways : Your list of signature programs, offerings for both corporate and public platforms, create an integrated approach in terms on what combination of tools and techniques you can use as a Trainer and a Coach.

Session -3
Rebuilding Content

Reviewing existing Content and come up with list of topics for the mentee to start building new content.

Takeaways : New set of topics and approach for Rebuilding Content based on your audience.

Session -4
Self-Development plan

Future Learning approach, Building a 3 year plan for career acceleration. Share what we learnt from our Mentors and Master Coaches – Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wim Hof. Share Tools and techniques, what most successful master trainers and coaches have been consistently using for their self development.

Takeaways : 3 year learning plan and Self-development Template for future usage.

Session -5
Personal Branding

Brand positioning as a Trainer/Coach, Developing a Brand strategy as a Freelancer/Company. Creating your Digital identity, Get connected to an Approved Vendors list of partners who can help in Digital Marketing, Website Development, Videos and Podcasts.

Takeaways Brand strategy Worksheet, Kaushik Mahapatra’s case study of how he became India’s top Trainer and Coach. Popular Trainers and Coaches in India – you should follow and leverage from what they are doing for Personal Branding.

Session -6
Marketing and Selling Skills

Real-world case studies, Discussing commercials. Pricing strategy, Experience sharing – Do’s and Don’ts, Success stories, failed deals.

Takeaways : Sample Proposals, Requirements templates, Purchase orders, sample invoices, Pricing chart for both corporate and public engagements.

Session -7
Creating more opportunities

How can we get more opportunities, Client management – Communicating with Clients, International opportunities.

Takeaways Industry leaders list.

Session -8
Open Slot

Topics can be finalized based on Mentee’s interest areas.

Takeaways Mentoring Program Summary. Invite for Monthly mastermind meets to track progress month over month. Share 10 powerful and time tested templates for future use as a Trainer and Coach.

How do we Tailor-make the Program

Based on the Mentee's inclination and interest areas (Training, Coaching or Both - Training and Coaching), the mentor is going to lead the sessions.

If the mentee is primarily interested for Coaching, Mentee can be specific if he or she is looking for Life coaching or Executive Coaching.

The last session ( 8’th session) is an open session, where Mentee can come up with a set of topics which he or she needs.

The timings for the sessions would be decided on mutual availability between Mentor and Mentee.

Value - Adds

The mentee becomes ILA’s Life time Bronze partner and gets 10% Referral bonus for all ILA open coaching and training programs.

Moreover the Mentee becomes part of ILA Alumni and would be invited for Indian Leadership Academy – ILA’s national international initiatives.

Please click on the link for knowing more about benefits for being a ILA Business Partner.

Program Designed By

Chief Mentor, Indian Leadership Academy

Kaushik Mahapatra is India’s – Top 10 Corporate Trainer and Coach, Top-Selling Author, Leadership expert, Renowned Mindfulness & NLP Guru and an Emotional Health Educator in Asia. He has been mentored by the World’s Best Coaches – John Mattone (World’s No.1 Executive Coach & Steve Jobs Coach) and Tony Robbins (World’s No. 1 Best Speaker and Motivator).

He is an IIM alumnus with 23 years of experience in Training & Coaching, IT and Sales. He has worked in India, US, UK and Australia in various senior management roles with corporate giants like GE and HP.

He is an International Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach and Neuroscience/NLP Trainer. He is Founder of Indian Leadership Academy which pioneers in creating Indian leaders for global audience. Kaushik is also the Proud recipient of the Philipe Award for Community Leadership.

Our Mentors

Indian Leadership Academy

Kaushik Mahapatra

Mentor, Coach & Trainer

Indian Leadership Academy

Riti Sinha

Mentor, Coach & Trainer

Indian Leadership Academy

Deepesh Chhetri

Mentor, Coach & Trainer

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