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Indian Leadership Academy brings to you the International Coaching Festival to accelerate the Leadership with Coaching Culture!

International Coaching Festival

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International Coaching Festival

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Leading In Challenging Times

About the Festival

We are proud to announce the International Coaching Festival that brings together coaches, business leaders, human resource professionals, and everybody interested in leadership development in the private and public sectors across the globe to network, share, and create a difference in the world and in your lives.

It’s hard for everyone to be a leader in the best of times, and the challenging ones test our courage and strength all the more. With COVID-19 the entire world is under crisis. It has created an entirely new set of challenges which no one had ever even thought of. The world practically turned virtual. Therefore, we thought why not bring the Global Experts to the International Coaching Festival to meet and share their crisis turning mantra with you.

Indian Leadership Academy

It is a great opportunity for all of us to get an insight of Global Speakers from different countries giving their perspective, how to Lead through the challenging times and get stronger than ever before.

If you truly want to make a difference, join us and see the change yourself!

Coaching Festival Theme - Dec 2020

Leading in Challenging Times

  • Navigate challenging times through mindfulness

  • Four Stages of Psychological Safety

  • Abundance in Chaos - How to Stay Focus and Resilent?

  • Quintessential Leadership Tools in Crisis and Beyond

  • The Power of Self-Love

  • Leadership in different environment

  • Self-leadership to overcome challenging times

  • Force your way through barriers

Join us towards mastery in the latest coaching & leadership techniques, using industry best  practices and research. 

Lets unfold the magnificence of being human with fresh perspectives, deep listening, productive pondering and unconditional caring and giving.

A glimpse of our previous International Coaching Festival
- August 2020

Coaching and Training Excellence

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Our Key Facilitators

Our Global Speakers, all come with a vast experience and expertise in their own field, and we have brought the best of the knowledge for you from across the globe!

Indian Leadership Academy



Mindfulness Coach

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Soraya BG


International Speaker & Personality Development Trainer

Indian Leadership Academy

Dr. Snehasish Dutta


Executive, Business & Life Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Eva Maria Scheid


Business Leader, Transformation Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Colene Faith


Life Coach & Self-Development Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Asitha W

Sri Lanka

Mindfulness Coach & Mentor

Indian Leadership Academy

Supriya Sahai


Leadership & Career Transition Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Linda Manaena


Co-CEO, Leadership Specialist Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Dr. Mizuyo M.


Medical Practitioner, International Speaker & Executive Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Pascal Bubeck


Executive and Leadership Coach

Indian Leadership Academy

Kaushik Mahapatra

Keynote Speaker

International Trainer, Master Coach and Author

Indian Leadership Academy

Ruchi Chauhan


Developmental, Professional & Life Coach

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