Indian Leadership Academy

Let’s be honest! We all want to see our kids being successful. As parents, nothing gives you more joy than looking at your little one being a conqueror. But it’s not going to happen by itself. As parents, we need to inculcate in our kid’s leadership qualities. Here are a few tips as of how to do it:

• Develop public speaking skills

Studies show that the fear of public speaking is faced by almost eighty five percent of youngsters. Speaking skills are necessary, good speaking skills are a need. What to do now? Work on their vocabulary and encourage them to speak in front of others. Start small, maybe in front of close friends and then move it to a bigger audience.

• Summer camps help

Summer camps usually believe in holistic development. They have trainees usually working in the field of psychology, trained to give your child the mold to find their calling. They also get in touch with peers which help them form bonding among them. It also teaches them to be adjustable.

• Inculcate reading habit

Reading isn’t just about gaining knowledge. It’s about life experiences. Fiction on not, let them pick their own genre. Every book offers a story worth telling. Also, it is a job done by patience, encouraging analytic tendencies. Leaders are good decision makers because they analyze.

• Include them in household decision

We are not talking about giving your child all the control. Do give them the power to take part cohesively in the family discussions. Encourage them to put their points through and consider them as important. This will help them reflect upon their actions and decisions.

• Free them to experiment

Early age is necessary to be kept open for experimentation. The more the child is let free to experiment, they would be inclined more to dabble into places. This will help them to discover their passion and interests.

• Let them ask questions

No matter how much uncomfortable it makes you, never stop your children from asking questions. The reason? Of course, as parents you know what information is to be fed to the child. There will be days when these sorts of conversations will not result in positive results and might even create conflicts but it will work to create a foundation of trust between you and your child.

• Teach them negotiation skills

People skills are not the same as negotiation skills. Dealing with people needs more than just communication. Negotiation skills are necessary for individualistic growth for survival. The only way is to let them peruse their interests and leave them to develop their own personal relations.

• Be strategic

Dealing with kids emotionally might not have the best long term effect on them. It is better to deal with them strategically. This has two fold benefits: 1) they would adopt your style of reasoning and 2) the child would look up to you as a reliable figure.

These, in conclusion are the ones we feel are the most important of the things to do to infuse leadership qualities in a child. Do let us know your thoughts or advices in the comment section below.