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On 26th – 30th OCT 20
@ 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST

What is BREATH ?

Life begins with the first inhalation and ends with the last exhalation. Life comes to a halt when our BREATH has come to a halt.

Most of us, believe that success comes from hard work. If is so then a rickshaw puller, a factory worker, a domestic help, should earn more than you.

Why this BREATH technique?

This technique of BREATH is neither Pranayama nor Kriya Yoga. When we learn to control, align, manipulate the BREATH, then we start to control the outcome of Money, Relationship, Health and Spirituality.

Do you want to hear YES from your Boss, from your Customer or from your Spouse?
Then you must learn this BREATH technique. Uncover the ancient secrets behind how our breathing controls us and improves our quality of life.

What will you learn?

Did you know that your BREATH changes – depending upon the position of the moon, depending on the day of the week and also depending on environment.

Meet the Mentor

Indian Leadership Academy ILA

Arun Sharma

Life Coach

Program Details

Date: 26th Oct – 30th Oct 20
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST

Registration Fee:
INR  12000  +GST

Early Bird Offer:
INR 10,000 +GST