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“Are We Leading?” is a book that will change the way you lead your life and the world around you.

About The Book


About the insights of the book.

Are we Leading? is a book that will change the way you lead your life and the world around you.

It is designed for those who are on the journey of personal discovery and who get a constant feeling that they are not doing enough or they are not good enough. This book will completely change the way you view your life and the world around you, as you would be in a leading mode and can take charge of your own personal and professional life no matter what phase of life you are in. It’s an easy-to-read book and recommended for anyone who would like to take some simple steps towards achieving greater success and happiness by simply getting into a leading mindset.

Kaushik Mahapatra
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Author Spotlight

Kaushik Mahapatra

Kaushik Mahapatra is India’s – Top 10 Corporate Trainer and Coach, Top-Selling Author, Leadership expert, Renowned Mindfulness & NLP Guru and an Emotional Health Educator in Asia. He has been mentored by the World’s Best Coaches – John Mattone (World’s No.1 Executive Coach & Steve Jobs Coach) and Tony Robbins (World’s No. 1 Best Speaker and Motivator).

He is an IIM alumnus with 23 years of experience in Training & Coaching, IT and Sales. He has worked in India, US, UK and Australia in various senior management roles with corporate giants like GE and HP.

He is an International Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach and Neuroscience /NLP Trainer. He is Founder of Indian Leadership Academy which pioneers in creating Indian leaders for global audience. Kaushik is also the Proud recipient of the Philipe Award for Community Leadership.

Readers Say

Are We Leading?, written by the founder of the Indian Leadership Academy - Kaushik Mahapatra is a book which works at all levels. 

Shekhar Vijayan

International Speaker, Entertainer

Great book by Kaushik Mahapatra .. to understand the leadership skills at different stages and different aspects of people’s life..

Joydeep Singh

Senior Manager, Chicago, USA

I have been waiting to read this book.....rather his journey to leadership since inception into Kaushik’s thought & final its here to grab it as a guide to guide others & lead. Make the earth a better place @ contribute into true leadership.
This is definitely going to change the way you perceive leadership.

Subhadarshi Mishra

Leadership Expert, Unit Head

The book talks about the amazing facets of the leader within us and leadership can be applied anywhere be it at home, school, work, etc and we are all leaders in our own spaces. The author shares his own experiences in his journey on leadership. 


Senior Manager, Fortune 500 Company

I have read many leadership books over the years but this one caught my attention with its focus on children and nurturing leadership skills from a young age.

Frank Rodgers

Business Head

‘Are We Leading’ by Kaushik Mahapatra is a great book for all the leaders.
 This book is well documented of the key leadership skills and behaviours to guide and inspire others. Understanding how to impact employees, senior leaders, peers and external stakeholders. Lessons and guiding principles are very clear, illustrated by a very realistic style
So definitely a book I would recommend!

Kirti Kumar

Senior Manager, Reading, UK

'Are We Leading' starts with challenging the basic notion of 'leading' and goes on to explore a comprehensive gamut of concepts around leadership and the forms in which it is presented to us in life.

Manish Barman

Director - IT

Kaushik has done a brilliant job in awakening our inner leader and help us take charge of our lives. A must read for anyone who feels that they are stuck in life and are unable to move forward

Sandhya Parnandy

International Trainer & Coach

This book will certainly help a reader to grow as a mindful leader. Not only worth reading but worth recommending.

Rajesh Ranjan

CEO - Yogacation

"Are We Leading” written by Kaushik Mahapatra is an exemplary book on leadership. Simple, Practical and Real!

Neetu Kar

SVP, Agile Coach