I have trained more than 2000 people with their thought processes and personality through handwriting therapy and have analyzed more than 10,000 handwriting samples. I have also been a Soft Skills Trainer.


Freelance Transformational Trainer & Career Wellbeing Coach. HR specialist with expertise built through a mixture of work & experience in personnel development, process and productivity improvement, performance management, and curriculum design.

Informative & amazing sessions by knowledgeable persons with enthusiasm and music in between were also very nice. …. So thank you so much for organizing this webinar.

International Coaching Festival was an amazingly innovative and positive initiative during these challenging times when the Global Leaders themselves are looking for answers. This surely is a parting global gift for the forgettable year of 2020 to many, who were looking for answers and directions, by giving very valuable inputs to look into the future […]

This festival is very interesting and gives simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety. It empowers me to lead during a tough time. It is a forum for all of us who are interested in building resilience to courageously face the current and the upcoming challenges through strong leadership.