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This article is a fruit of curious questions asked by many people during NLP workshops- “Why NLP?”

Although sometimes challenging, since such questions put forward by people who attend our NLP workshop, but do not get a ‘feel’ of it, it is a question that always tickles my brain cells and helps me look even deeper into this topic. So thanks to all these people!

NLP is for those who would like to really boost up their existing resources, and who are willing to accept and move beyond their past unpleasant experiences. So if there is a person who is completely drowned in problems or who has not grieved over a loss, it becomes essential to work with the person to facilitate the process of catharsis, to orient the person towards acceptance of problems and take responsibility for oneself. This would help that person to feel that his problems are real and are being acknowledged, which is very important to gain the person’s trust. After this process, when a mind-set of readiness or willingness to change is perceived, one can then kick-start the process of positive change with the help of NLP techniques.

So as simple as this sounds, NLP is an excellent method to alter the thought patterns from ‘okay’ state to ‘excellence’ state, but then of course, to reach the ‘okay’ state, there is work that needs to be done, which would depend on that individual. Therefore, NLP works like an accelerator, after you’ve learnt how to start your vehicle!