The road not taken

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“I took the ones less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

We know how scary it can get. Taking the road less travelled is something that is all embracing the different.

The only person stopping you from being one is your own head. It might look like it, but if you are brain is te Our societies have made us think that financial security is what we need most. We invalidate the other feelings such as family and fun just to keep the order in the society. We have set parameters of what should be and what should not be. We restrain ourselves and others just because it doesn’t fit their plans.

We’ll tell you do something uncomfortable to do. Don’t work according to other people’s plans. Make your own path. When you know you are in the right, no matter how much pressure anyone puts, you will not deter if your heart is in it.

Speaking of personal experience, we have come across a lot of clients that had to struggle to get where they are. There were people who quit their corporate jobs just to open a food truck because they had the passion to cook and wanted to do something about it. They had to face difficulties of criticism but they were able to make it on their own in the end.

Most people fail to recognize what a leader means. They associate it with competition. A competition is the last thing that is on a leader’s mind. They go minding their own business, least bothered about what other people are doing or saying about them. They are the sort of people that genuinely think about other people’s wellbeing. They offer help wherever they can and help others progress as well.

To be a leader, you need to develop the mindset that puts you in the shoes of a leader. You have to show commitment to the work you are doing. You cannot go ahead with anything where your passion does not lie. You have to find your voice. Do not confuse it being extroverted. No, do your job and do your job good. There is no beating that mindset. Another tip is to be true to your word. A leader is someone people depend upon. You cannot be the person that does not stand true to their word. Nobody would have remembered Gandhi today if he wouldn’t have stood true to his words. People need someone who genuinely makes an effort to keep to their words and sticks around. Someone who is worthy and reliable will always stand out to people.

Never stop working on yourself. There is always room for improvement. The key is to recognize your problem areas. If you have taken the road less travelled, there is a lot of room for exploration. Do not miss it. We are all creatures looking for our calling. You have found it. Walk down the road with your head held high. Make your own path and the others will follow. You are a leader. You will never ask them to follow you. they will do it by themselves.

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