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All our Alumni and Alumna stand out for their professional accomplishments and contributions to various communities and beyond and we at ILA are very proud of all that they have achieved so far! As Indian Leadership Academy celebrates their success, it is our pride to share our Alumni’s success stories in their own words.

I have started my own channel and some programme of training especially for youth development...role of youth in Nation building' and in the professional side, I have started small and middle management coaching and training as of now in my organization.

Actually in my way success means that even you are facing tremendous change then also at that time you are happy that is actual success and which I feel now after completing my course from ILA... Secondly, as I am working for youth development so now I am a mentor of many teenage students and professional; one of my program named गुफ्तगू  is going on. Basically, I am a poet, hence encouraging youth for poetry also .....So I really feel that my success story is going on...

Program Attended:  Integrated International Training & Coaching Certification

Anurag Singh Jadon

Head Of Department(production) in Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Post the NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner certification, I got access to various Learning modules/slides, I also got lots of practice sessions which enabled me to fine-tune my coaching skills and apply them while interacting with my coachees, interested job seekers, who want to improve the current life situation (from depression, career failures, personal issues).

My success story was made possible when with my clients, LinkedIn and other social media connections network, other close friends/acquaintances circle, relatives, successfully implementing the NLP tools and techniques as instructed by me on their day-to-day tasks, job/career and life in general. Hence these small wins from their side enabled me also to win and successfully attain my career coaching goals and aspirations though I feel my journey into this vast field has only started recently.

Program Attended: NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner Program

Shriram Radhakrishnan

NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner & Financial Advisor/consultant

I have not necessarily gained in terms of money yet, but I am highly impressed with the relationship that I built with ILA through this course. The return on my investment seems to be never-ending. I have improved my LinkedIn profile, I have been writing more than ever before, have been building my network also (it was about 10000 at the end of Dec 2020, I stand at 12400 today). I have gained new ideas for sure which I will implement over time.

Program Attended:  Integrated International Training & Coaching Certification

Daman Dev Sood

International Resilience Trainer/ Consultant

The course provided an enriching experience, the learning from which helped me progress both professionally and personally, by helping me strike the balance between the mind and the body. I could even assist my students, colleagues and family by passing on the learning. Now running Emjay Coaching Institute independently, training students nationally and internationally for Language Proficiency Exams and other courses.

Program Attended:  NLP Practitioner Program 

Meetu Jain

Director at Emjay Coaching

I follow Positive Psychology and Principles of Gestalt Graphology. The program I attended at ILA on NLP and Mindfulness Coaching aided significant upheave in my career. The coaching, training and mentoring at ILA highly facilitated me to up-skill myself and perform better in my coaching and training sessions.

Program Attended: NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner Program

Naazin Haseeb

Managing Director at a Pvt Company

I am the mother of 14 years of a daughter. I have a Black belt in Karate, a marathon runner, Zumba and a Strong NationTM coach. I was not always like this. At one point I was 70Kgs..two major surgeries, everywhere I had to face ridicule and humiliation. I was called fat, short, etc., those voices took permanent residence in my mind and in my ignorance.

The path from being sick to healthy, from darkness to light, from ignorance to awareness, has taken a lot of time unlearning and relearning. To be able to accept what you have been given, to a day where I am grateful that I have a healthy body, life has changed for me since the day I encountered the JEDI path.

Program Attended: NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner Program

Indian Leadership Academy

Kavitha Pramod

Certified Strong Nation Coach


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