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- How to become an Impactful Speaker!

Purpose: This Four and half hour Facilitator-Led Program is designed for individuals from all walks of life to become Impactful Speakers.
It’s a 1-day Facilitator-Led Virtual certification workshop created to educate and motivate Individuals from all walks of life, to become better Speakers.
By the end of this program, you will be able to confidently start your public speaking journey.
The key is to keep practicing the techniques to master them, as the consistent practice of skills leads to mastery.

Benefits of Joining

Improve Communication skills

Structure your Public speaking

Overcome mental barriers

Establish a Connect with the Audience


The Road Map of being an “IMPACTFUL SPEAKER”

Impactful Speaking using the “OREO” Framework

Methods of Delivery for Public Speaking

Tools and Techniques to beat Stage Anxiety

How to Deal with Fear and Be Confident

Ways to overcome Mental Barriers

Audience Engagement through activities

Self-Development Tool Kit


Understanding the Definition of "Public Speaking" and How it is viewed by Audiences.

Driving the Concept of "Awareness" and "Practice" through the OREO Framework

Implementation of Innovative Practices to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Introduction to unique Storytelling Models to make Speaking opportunities more effective and Impactful.

Self-Development Tool Kit


  • Join the Social media community and have a lifelong connect with fellow participants, Trainers and renowned Speakers.

  • An Opportunity to attend ILA mega events.


  • Trainers and Coaches

  • Corporate Employees

  • Educationists

  • L&D and HR Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Social media influencers

  • Home-makers

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Students

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    Frequently Asked Questions ?

    Public Speaking is everywhere. Whether it’s a speaking opportunity in front of a large or small audience. Public speaking is about demonstrating good communication skills and the ability to connect with the audience. The message conveyed by the speaker has to be clear, precise and impactful. Hence it is important in every sphere of life.

    The main elements to keep in mind before giving a Speech are Structure, Connect and Authenticity.

    Know your strengths, Be Prepared and Practice the techniques regularly.

    It is important to work on Right Body Language and Verbal communication skills coupled with innovative Story- telling techniques.

    Overcome Fear of Public speaking by practicing Mindfulness and developing a Growth Mindset.

    Combining structured content with one’s unique style will help develop better connection with the audience.


    Certification of completion of “(IMPACTFUL SPEAKER) The Public Speaking Program” Workshop.
    (Accreditation by Skill Central UK; Indian Leadership Academy)