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NLP Practitioner Program

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is one of the most talked-about tools in the training and coaching market. NLP provides one of the most effective methodologies for exponential personal and professional development. A lot of individuals are looking to make Neuro-Linguistic Programming a part of their life.

The biggest question is, how does someone make Neuro-Linguistic Programming a part of their life? This can be accomplished by attending an NLP Training and becoming an  NLP Practitioner. Once you have completed your NLP Training you will be an NLP Practitioner. An NLP Practitioner will not only be able to incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming into your life but also can work on improving the lives of others through NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be a very exciting never-ending journey but the most important point to keep in mind before enrolling into any NLP Training and becoming an NLP Practitioner is to choose a premium institution which offers excellent NLP Training.

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    Daywise Program Details

    We offer a 4-days NLP Practitioner Program, which is a perfect blend of all necessary aspects required for personal and professional growth.

    The 4-day Agenda of the NLP Training is as follows :

    DAY - 1
    (Fundamentals of NLP)

    • The first day of the NLP training focuses on introducing the participants to the concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the roles and responsibilities of an NLP Practitioner.
    • You will learn a lot of psychological concepts in NLP Training.
    • The presuppositions, Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, frames of mind and different cognitive distortions will be taught.

    DAY - 2
    (NLP for Self)

    • The second day of the NLP training is purely focused on you.
    • We work with you in enhancing your belief systems using NLP.
    • In the NLP training sessions, you will learn how to set specific goals also called timelines.
    • You are taught advanced linguistic skills and the basics of Hypnotic language in the NLP Training.
    • You will be taught to create your own story which will motivate you and is a great tool to motivate others as an NLP Practitioner.

    DAY - 3
    (NLP at Work)

    • This module is purely dedicated to improve the NLP Practitioner’s ( your)  professional life and enhance your performance with the team using Neuro Linguistic Programming.
    • Advanced techniques on effective team management, conflict management, and many more key areas will be covered in this NLP Training.
    • As an NLP Practitioner, you will learn different communication styles and leadership styles which will make you an impactful communicator and an effective leader.
    • In this module of NLP Training, you will learn powerful rapport building techniques which will be a great tool as an NLP Practitioner to connect with people.

    DAY - 4
    (NLP for Others)

    • This is the last stage where you will be equipped with tools to improve the professional and personal lives of other individuals.
    • Various powerful techniques on how to combat addictions, cure phobias etc will be covered in this section.
    • A coaching framework will be provided to you, which you can apply to coach other individuals as an  NLP Practitioner.
    • This is the last phase of NLP Training, certifications will be awarded and you will be officially certified as an NLP Practitioner.

    After the completion of the NLP Training, you will be provided by post-program support. That is if you are faced with any challenges while conducting sessions as an NLP Practitioner, you can always get back to us, within a month of completion of the NLP Training. We will provide you with assistance you require.

    We also provide an integrated approach, where Life coaching and NLP are integrated and offered as (“Life coaching through NLP”). After the completion of the NLP program, one can pursue their interest further by enrolling for the NLP Master Practitioner Program.

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