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Neuro Linguistic Programming Introduction

If you still don’t know about NLP its not a big deal. However what is surprising is NLP which is so proven and powerful for self transformation has not yet reached to many of us. By the way I am talking about Neuro Linguistic programming [...]

Indian leadership academy

The foundation of leadership program develops knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas of people and project leadership focusing on both long term and short term goals of the individual and the organization. This program enables participants to create a positive ecosystem where everyone can contribute to the best of their potential. It focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and equips future leaders with leadership skills for developing self-sufficient teams.


Neuroleadership is the result of neuroscience research in the field of leadership. It applies data gathered about the effect of leadership styles on brain and nervous system. This helps to alter leadership patterns to best suit the organization and results in a more dedicated and happy workforce.