Indian Leadership Academy


Meet our Bright Alumnis

Nazneen Nongrum

Freelance Trainer and Career Coach

Freelance Transformational Trainer & Career Wellbeing Coach.HR specialist with expertise built through a mixture of work & experience in personnel development, process and productivity improvement, performance management, and curriculum design.

Priya Maheshwari

An internationally accredited Graphologist, counselor and a soft skill trainer

I have trained more than 2000 people with their thought processes and personality through handwriting therapy and have analyzed more than 10,000 handwriting samples. I have also been a Soft Skills Trainer.

Tanya Gupta

Youth Coach

I am a Youth Coach, I aim to work with aspiring Chartered Accountants in their holistic development because I have been there and, I know how many changes a person goes through in this journey, and it's the time when we need someone to coach us.

sameer ansar

Entrepreneur, Seeker

I started my software company. The highest satisfaction came with the opportunity for my weekly mentoring sessions for interns. Over the years, I have mentored hundreds of professionals who have gone on to transform their lives and career.

Manjula Thumma

International Motivational Speaker and Career Coach

I am Manjula Thumma, International Motivational Speaker and Career Coach. I am CEO of BMR-GROPES. My passion, my dedication, and my dream is spreading positive vibrations and self Love. Creating more Impactful leaders worldwide.

Soma Mukherjee

Corporate trainer,career coach Model,actor,social worker, Achiever

Corporate trainer, Career coach, and Subject matter expert. Have decades of experience in campus corporate and corporate, behavioral modules. Received the best corporate trainer award, 2021 from ABCD International.

Ayman Fatima Qidwai

Communication Trainer

I'm a Communications and Soft Skills trainer. Currently, training Engineering and Management students. Over the last 2.5 years, I've trained about 5,000 to 8,000 people and worked on their communication skills, language, accent, and soft skills.

Akshara Damle

Founder of ManoSamvaada Celebrity Psychologist TEDx Speaker

TEDx speaker and a psychologist. He is an expert in establishing harmony at different levels namely, personal, family, and workplace. As a therapist, he's been working with a wide range of clients going through different mental health issues.


Freelance Trainer

I'm a proud freelancer and I'm on a mission to inspire women, to "own their power" by exploring their true hidden potential, discovering the purpose of their life, making decisions on their own, and becoming financially and emotionally independent.

Bindu Gautam

Freelance Corporate Trainer, Communications Trainer, Soft Skills Trainer

With 18+ years of working with MNCs, I bring a lot of experience & practical knowledge into my communication training. Appreciation from my trainees, after a session of working through the issues they face in communication, makes my work worthwhile.

Andrea DSouza

Mindset Coach

ICF certified Life coach and Mindset coach, I believe the correct mindset is needed in many of the challenges we face today. I have worked as a Cambridge Educator, and in the media industry, as a legal talk show host, news producer, and anchor.