Indian Leadership Academy

India's Independence Day Special

Global Spiritual Leadership Conclave

Finding Freedom through Spiritual Values

30+ Countries | Online Event
15th Aug 2021 | 2PM – 8PM (IST)

Independence Day Special

Global Spiritual Leadership Conclave

Finding Freedom through Spiritual Values

30+ Countries | Online Event
15th Aug 2021 | 2PM – 8PM (IST)

Indian Leadership Academy is proud to announce our next quarterly Global event. A first of its kind in India and across the world – The Global Spiritual Leadership Conclave – an event that aims to enable individuals to seek freedom by building meaning and purpose in life through imbibing spiritual values.

Kindling the Spiritual Values - Our belief

Mankind believes his greatest achievement is to be free to live however he wants, and in the journey of becoming the master of one’s own individual life, often overlooks the possibility of being prisoner to one’s own habits of thought where they acquiesce – where it is a norm to look at things the way they ought to be or will always be.

We at Indian Leadership Academy, believe that everyone is searching for contentment and happiness in this world but all will eventually discover that no being can be free without nurturing a personal relationship with their real self, one that is conceived as something wider than the individual. And this applies to all of us until we decide to surrender our heart and mind to thoughts that originate from the highest spiritual values of life.

Values which serve to remind one to place virtue before vice, values before vanity and principles before personalities. Spiritual values, that will connect us to something bigger than ourselves and create a spiritual experience that is sacred and transcendent. A way of life that leaves one with a sense of wonderment, aliveness and interconnectedness and one of reverence towards the universe.

Program Highlights

During the Global Spiritual Leadership Conclave, we will take you through the journey of imbibing Spiritual values of care, compassion, openness, honesty, integrity, freedom and equality that will not only free your spirit but also show how one can liberate ourselves FROM ourselves, layer by layer. After all, limitless, boundless and ultimate freedom of Self asks that we first learn how to discern the inner movements of our SELF.

What will you learn

Meet Our Key Facilitators

Our Global Speakers, all come with a vast experience and expertise in their own field, and we have brought the best of the knowledge for you from across the globe!

Paul Simos


Topic: Ancient Wisdom and our 3 brains.

Corinne Young


Topic: Leadership – Beyond Emotional Intelligence to Spiritual Intelligence

Sandun Fernando

Sri Lanka

Topic: Modern leadership through five pillars of wisdom, Power of a vision (internal or implanted) 



Topic: Multi Disciplinary fields for Resilient contemporary Leadership through innovation

Sandra Otto

New Zealand

Topic: Integrate Indigenous Wisdom  Description

Brig. Arun Gupta


Topic: Lessons from Military leadership

Indian Leadership Academy

Ruchi Arya


Topic: True Essence of transformational leadership

Maurizio Scabba


Topic: Lessons for modern leaders

Kaushik Mahapatra


Keynote Speaker

A Glimpse of our past Global Leadership Conclaves

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Theme: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Innovation in Leadership

International Coaching Festival - December 2020

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Who can join

This event is important for anyone who wishes to gain true freedom and take better control of themselves and their actions, i.e be in harmony with their ideals and attitudes in order to achieve their goals with much ease and clarity.


Global Spiritual Leadership Program

Date: 15th August 2021
Time: 2 PM – 8 PM (IST)
Registration Fee: FREE
Place: Online 

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