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15 Speakers | 30+ Countries | Online Event

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22nd & 23rd May 2021 @ 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM (IST)

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About the Concept

Indian Leadership Academy is proud to announce yet another International event – The  “Global Leadership Conclave 2021”.
A first of its kind in India and across the world, the conclave gives a glimpse of leadership through the prism of Ancient wisdom combined with modern innovation.

Times are changing faster than we can imagine and we at Indian Leadership Academy believe, that in order to understand this VUCA world, we must first understand how we got here. The “Global Leadership Conclave 2021” is an attempt to understand the yesterday to live a better today.

 An ancient Egyptian Proverb has rightly said, “True wisdom is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of consciousness which goes through successive stages” and through our conclave as we bring together spiritual leaders, coaches, business leaders and industry professionals, to network, share and spread their knowledge, we also aim to help people gain a deeper understanding of wisdom not only from our ancient world but also from the modern world.

Discovering the forgotten, embracing the new, building a sense of community, connecting with a consciousness greater than ourselves and innovating to survive – We at Indian Leadership Academy believe that there can’t be a better time than now for the modern leaders to do all this and more to in order to lead the future generations to even brighter horizons.

Global Leadership Conclave - Theme

Leading With Ancient Wisdom

Day 1 - Saturday, 22 May 2021
2 PM - 8 PM (IST)

Innovation in Modern Leadership

Day 2 - Sunday, 23 May 2021
2 PM - 8 PM (IST)

Meet Our Key Facilitators

Our Global Speakers, all come with a vast experience and expertise in their own field, and we have brought the best of the knowledge for you from across the globe!

Craig Johns


Topic: Atomic Pressure
– How to turn your high pressure moments into performance success

Shereen Fehmy


Topic: Leadership in Ancient Egypt,
innovation in today’s leadership

Denise Rotondo


Topic: Responsible Leadership, Embracing nature for a healthy planet

Sadeq J Sulaiman


Topic: Leading through Knowledge, Morality, and Faith

Peter Schofield


Topic: Leading through the waving Sea

Paul Simos


Topic: Ancient Wisdom and our 3 brains.

Corinne Young


Topic: Leadership – Beyond Emotional Intelligence to Spiritual Intelligence

Sandun Fernando

Sri Lanka

Topic: Modern leadership through five pillars of wisdom, Power of a vision (internal or implanted) 



Topic: Multi Disciplinary fields for Resilient contemporary Leadership through innovation

Sandra Otto

New Zealand

Topic: Integrate Indigenous Wisdom  Description

Sandeep Nath


Topic: Leading with Zen

Andrew Hadley


Topic: Inclusion as a Touchstone for Leadership

Brig. Arun Gupta


Topic: Lessons from Military leadership

Indian Leadership Academy

Ruchi Arya


Topic: True Essence of transformational leadership

Maurizio Scabba


Topic: Lessons for modern leaders

Kaushik Mahapatra


Keynote Speaker

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Dates: 22nd & 23rd May 2021
Time: 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM (IST)
Place: Online Session

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