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First Time Manager

This is designed for team leads and line managers. The program covers how to set goals, meet deadlines, plan, prioritize and delegate and to communicate with accuracy and clarity. The participants also learn how to handle performance issues, inspire team members to create a productive team atmosphere.

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Course Content

Soft Skills for First Time Managers

Effective communication Presentation skills, Negotiation skills Active Listening skills Team building NLP for Managers and senior Management Leading vs Managing

People Skills

Conflict resolution. The Art of Delegation.
Performance appraisal process.
How to deal with non performance.


Initial assessment for first time managers
Post Training assessment.
Get exposed to the essential softskills for a First time manager.
Familiarize with the key Project management areas.
Improve your people skills.
Have an action plan ready for future.

Project management

Project Management Jargons Project Management overview Organization influence on project management
Project Team structure
Project life cycle
Time Management
Budget Management
Effective project Communication
Coaching your team members

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