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NLP with Law of Attraction – Online Masterclass

NLP is a scientific approach to program your brain through language. NLP practitioners are applying this tool in personal & professional life to achieve their goals, productivity and efficiency. NLP has shown therapeutic results in terms of depression, clearing fears & phobias by applying a set of techniques which are very safe and simple for them to practice. The methodology of NLP, ie modeling has shown immense positive results by modeling patterns, behaviors and habits skills.

NLP is widely been used in the coaching & training industry. this is a very adaptable practice that fits in different genres like learning, leadership & resourceful emotional state likewise Law of Attraction is a positive belief which talks about energy in thoughts. It has a few cognitive techniques and affirmations and creative visualization. NLP & LOA is a deadly combination of replacing limiting and dismantling thoughts to constructive enabling thoughts to attract positive experience & opportunities.


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Apr 15 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Online Session

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