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Design Thinking

2 days workshop

Date : 5th & 6th December 2022

Live Online sessions

Timings: 9:30 am to 01:30 pm

Design Thinking

Design Thinking was specifically proposed into the system for its unique capability to “Empathize” with its end users. We cannot solve problems of people without understanding people who go through those problems. This concept encourages us to understand how the end user perceives the problem and the product.

The ability to empathize is what differentiates a normal trainer from a S.M.A.R.T Trainer. This leads to a bond with a personalized touch to our services and delivery resulting into a satisfied and loyal customer base. The Return on Investment is multiple times the initial amount, as the process is iterative and a continuous loop of activities go on, until the end result is optimum and satisfactory.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking, according to Interaction Design Foundation is – Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Design thinking has got its hype due to the fact that it focuses on people centric solutions and aims at perceiving the problems from various point of views.

In Design Thinking, DESIGN is

D – Define the problem

E – Enumerate all the possible perspectives

S – Stimulate to get solutions

I – Integrate resources

G – Garner opinions

N – Narrate to relate

Benefits of Design Thinking

Why Design Thinking is a must for you?

If you are a trainer who wants to grab the attention of your client base, Design Thinking is the answer to your desirable reach in the market. Design and customize your content and become a client magnet. Create an abundant client base, a penetrating reach into the market and an everlasting impression on the end user. It simply elevates the way you think, process and deliver which will definitely make a considerable positive difference.

That’s the only workshop in town, which is being adopted by the majority of masses and yet each participant has the scope to explore their own unique forte and flavour.

indian leadership academy

Design Thinking at Indian Leadership Academy

We at Indian Leadership Academy believe that a package is always more effective than an individual product. To ensure the same, we have introduced the design thinking concept along with a few innovations of our own.


Learn the art and techniques of empathizing, probing and reading between the lines with an expert team of ICF accredited coaches. We are giving you an entire tool kit to tackle to advanced level problems in this field.

Define (The Problem)

Learn to define the problem with our expert team of NLP master trainers. Linguistic skills are essential here. Question yourself in the NLP way and reach your desired outcome.


Learn to generate ideates with our expert team of trainers and facilitators that are trained in facilitation, brainstorming, brain mapping, and communication models to create innovative breakthroughs.


A proficient team of instructional designers at ILA will walk you through the novel process of prototyping your model /solution/ end product. Creating the prototype to perfection is an important step which needs accuracy and professional prowess.


Testing the waters is the last and most crucial step in completing your journey. Our master trainer, Kaushik Mahapatra has inspired more than half a million in his journey to try and benefit from the models that he has created. He has tricks up his sleeve that can enable you to market and increase the reach of your product as well as create a demand for it in the market place.

Outcomes of the program

Bonus takeaways

Future of Design Thinking

Being a concept that is hardly a decade born, it is gradually picking up a rapid pace. Even multinationals like Apple, IBM and Tesla resort to design thinking to deliver breakthrough people centric products and services.

Design Thinking interventions, trainings and facilitation sessions are being adopted to promote a culture that is people-centric with a dash of creativity, novelty and innovation in their operations and services. Design thinking is indeed a much needed tool for all aspiring trainers who want to thrive and make it big in the industry within the next couple of years to come.

So why wait? Come join us in the incredible journey of not just design thinking but a package of tools and trainings that will forever change the way you look at challenges!
By joining, you also get free lifetime access to our alumni group and discounts up to 20% on any further programs that we conduct in future.

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