Coping with Covid
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Coping with COVID

Coping with COVID

- Stress Management Program

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 There is a lot of stress, anxiety and negativity created due to the COVID-19 crisis and we need to work with our employees so that they can cope up with COVID. Your employees will remember for a long time how they were treated during this crisis.  Nothing drives employee loyalty and engagement more than knowing “my boss and my organization cares about me as a human being.”

Duration: 2 months (8 sessions – one session per week)

Timings: 2 hours per session

Mode: Online Video session

Program Highlights

  • Sources of Stress post covid
  • Recognizing your symptoms of stress
  • Ways to keep a check on your stress levels
  • Using stress to your advantage
  • Learn how to evolve with rapid change
  • Discover how to communicate with your team, family and community
  • Ways to stay connected to your TEAMs
  • Create unprecedented results with just a few tweaks
  • Gain clarity on next steps

Program Benefits

  • How stressed are you – Quick assessment
  • Identify your patterns which generates stress
  • Learn quick techniques (2 - 5 mins) to decrease your stress levels
  • Mindfulness techniques for self-cleansing
  • Action plan for future
  • Ideas to keep connection and engagement with the team
  • Coping up with Virtual teams

Session-wise Agenda

Morning session : 9.30 AM to 1 PM

  • Introduction – Participants
  • Do we all have a common definition for Stress in the current situation
  • Types of Stress and Stressors in the covid era
  • Group Activity
  • Self-Assessment: Assessing Your Current Level of Stress
  • Ten Top Sources of Stress in the workplace
  • Recognizing your symptoms of stress

Post Lunch : 1 PM to 5 PM

  • Individual Exercise
  • Group Activity
  • Four Essential steps in handling stress
  • Ways to manage stress in the workplace
  • NLP techniques to Manage Stress
  • Use stress to your advantage
  • Discover how to communicate with your team, family and community
  • Action Plan

How do we Tailor-make the Program

Based on the specific issues you are facing in the organization due to Covid, the content can be tailor made.

We can talk to couple of people in your organization and get the inputs.

Value - Adds

  • Post Program support : One-on-One (30 minutes) coaching with few participants post program.
  • 1 participant who shows a lot of enthusiasm in learning and applying the stress management techniques during the workshop would be awarded with a 4 days NLP workshop post program, completely sponsored by ILA.

Program Designed By

Kaushik Mahapatra

Kaushik Mahapatra is one of the most Dynamic Life and Executive Coach, Leadership expert, Renowned Mindfulness & NLP Guru in Asia. Google Rank #1 Top Corporate Trainers in  India ( April 2020) IIM alumnus with 23 Years of experience in Training, Coaching, L&D, IT and Sales. He works as a Chief Mentor for Indian Leadership Academy and is an advisor to Skill Central UK.

Having led multi million business units and bringing rich experience from leadership roles at GE and Hewlett Packard, he primarily works with leaders in the areas of business growth and leadership development. Recipient of Philipe Award for community leadership.

Specializations : Executive Coaching, Leadership interventions, Neuroleadership, Neurosales, Ontological Coaching, Accelerated Learning, Coach the Coach Programs, Global Inclusion and Diversity Programs, Emotional Intelligence, NLP at work, Mindfulness at work, Agile Workshops, Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, Outbound Learning.

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Workshop Locations : India, Singapore, UK, UAE, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain

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