Guide to Effective Persuasion (Frame – Control)

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Guide to Effective Persuasion (Frame control)​

Frame Control

A frame, frames a frame of mind – John Paul Capanigro

What is a frame?
A frame is a word we use to define or describe the boundaries around an experience or an event. In other words, it’s a window through which we see the world. The way we perceive the world to be.

Read this statement.
“A man pulled out his rifle and shot 6 people in the chest”.
How did you feel?
Let me guess, most of us would think,” How cruel of him or how could anyone do that, he is a murderer” etc.

Now read this statement which is a continuation.
“A man pulled out his rifle and shot 6 terrorists in the chest while defending the border”.
How did you feel now?
You went from thinking, “the man is a murderer to the man the is noble”. This is what is called a shift in the Frame of mind.


There are mainly 3 parts to Frame which decides who controls the frame→
Preframe:-It is the part with which you approach the event.
Reframe:- It is the part where you shift the frame of the person.
Deframe:- It is the part where you make sure the initial Preframe is of very little significance.

This can be illustrated with an example.
Imagine you are a real estate agent and a customer comes to you asking for a house.
You:- Hello, how can I help you?
Customer:- I’m looking for a house.
You:- What kind of house are you looking for?
Customer:- I’m looking for a house which is within (so and so budget).
( The PREFRAME of the customer is ” Budget Oriented”).
(You take them to visit)
You:- Did you like the place?
Customer:- Yes, I absolutely loved it. I want to buy it. It’s perfect for me.
You:- That’s excellent. But are you sure?
Customer:- Yes, but why did you ask that?
You:- I too think it’s amazing, but if I were you I would select ( name a high priced home) because I feel this is not completely safe for my children. (strikes a nerve, gets the customer thinking)
Customer:- Can we just visit it? (High priced home)
(customer visits, you convince them of the safety and they agree to buy it)
(This is called REFRAMING. Changing the frame from budget-oriented to safety-oriented)
( before the customer leaves)
Customer:- Can you reduce the price? This is over my budget.
You:- I agree this might be a little over your budget but I feel the home is totally worth it because it is extremely safe for your children and no amount is big compared to our children’s safety.
( This is called DEFRAMING, making sure the initial FRAME is rendered useless because it can later give rise to guilt etc. and the customer might change their mind)

This is done by salespeople, media etc all the time. It is good to know what we are dealing with. Perfect practice is the key to mastery.

All the best and good luck.

DISCLAIMER:- This is not to encourage any manipulative nature. This is blog is purely written for educational purposes.

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